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This evening as I continued to struggle with trying to find some peace of mind or understanding that makes the hurt and pain I feel a bit more bearable and less paralyzing.

Lately I find that I awake each day with the same feeling that the night can’t come soon enough and the day to be over before it even begins. I have survived five major operations and a stroke over the course of the past two years; including a battle with cancer even prior to that to find myself today beyond broken and even more in pieces than any of the operations or recoveries i faced. All as a result (i believe) of loving and trusting more than I should have.

I ask myself and can’t find any real reason as to why I have survived such hurdles of illness to only have to endure such emotional pain and the fear that I now face in what is yet another one of my life’s – as I like to call it

A fight to live and live to fight

Since August 26, 2014 I have spent much of my waking hours feeling sorry for myself and wanting to find some reason for my reality to not be true or to be a misunderstanding that I was wrong about. But the facts begin to speak for themselves that it’s not just one isolated misunderstanding or even something im wrong about. Rather a continuance in series of items that now I believe existed from the very start and not simply something that just happened because of… Today at the very least I made headway into what was starting to feel like a losing battle of dead ends despite the surmounting paperwork and evidence of a truth that I wish was not. tonight the question of why I should’ve survived so many hurtles draw me to a conclusion that at least my journey is a story I can share at the very least inspire others or be of help in turning my misfortune into a learning and valuable lesson helping others change a little bit of a lot of wrong that still exists out there today and being a source that adds to a very limited pool of resources out there that actually are willing and able to listen and readily help.

As this is currently active in family and Supreme Court jurisdictions, I’m warned to be guided (as ironically though we live in a country that’s promised the freedom of speech), Certain public comments or disclosures of even my own personal affairs, I’m told could be met with sanctions. For most that know me, know that I am hardly one that cares about what others think and I’ve never frankly cared about who knows my business because I learned many years ago never to be ashamed of who I am.

And so it’s ironic that despite my international career as a business executive or endeavors as a religious leader my first experience with blogging is one that will be a testament and a journey as I seek the strength to fight this one struggle which though many would say nothing keeps Denker down, the struggle is one which has

Broken Denker

For those that are close to me and fully in the know of my current situation, your love and support is something I am so grateful for bur I’m still finding a light at the end of the tunnel and finding some piece at heart almost impossible as I so what my reality to be a nightmare but with each day that passes my reality becomes even more cemented as being fact and true. In reality that has indeed broken my spirit, crushed my dreams and left family and friends in disbelief but for once in my life and this has left me completely lost and speechless.

I thank you for your read and following of my blog and your understanding where some aspects I may need to leave out as to be able to legally protect my interests and certainly your understanding for any typos or errors that may be close to you a talk to text function. But most of all I thank you for joining me on this journey for which I hope it helps me to find meaning, to find peace and to begin to heal and live again.

Additional autobiographical account from the actual victim and my perspective and more biased may be found in his personal memoirs

their story and let them get everybody
0:05in the public see the horrors of the court system
0:08Suffolk County New York
0:34hello i’m Gary Jacobson welcome to another edition of Long Island back
0:38story my guest today Brian Danger Young’s brian is one of the first
0:44possibly the first really know gay divorces here in New York State begin
0:50that gay marriage only became legal awhile ago they’re gay divorces are just
0:56starting to come into the system
0:58what he’s found out how broken the court system is your arm around the theme the
1:03family law system and we’re going to talk about the specifics in his case and
1:07it highlights a lot of a lot of problems with the court system but I think but
1:12more specifically the bias towards men towards minorities now towards gay
1:18people there’s always is actually but we said that there’s been a biased towards
1:22gay man in divorce cases and I think we’re finding now is that the judges
1:27don’t have to deal with its around the day
1:30make a decision and have it become case law what they’re doing or you’re just
1:34letting everything just one race and people who are abusing their expertise
1:39get away with it because nobody nobody really wants to make a decision also I
1:44think what this case shows according to our next guest is how sometimes the
1:49abuser becomes on the winning side if there is a winning side in the divorce
1:54and the court sometimes aids in victimizing the victim so Brian welcome
2:01to our program and thank you for coming I know this is something difficult I’m
2:05sure you don’t want to be sitting on a show talking about about getting
2:09divorced militias get some background for the guests and we’ll get into the
2:12nitty-gritty of your case and I know you wanted to tell the story because not
2:17that you wanted people to see the horror that you’re going through but because
2:20you want to fix it and you want to expose some of these these judges for
2:25what they’re doing and hopefully some you look at Sadies these people have to
2:28stop it so the first backup when did you meet your current husband so we met
2:33almost seven years ago
2:36and we didn’t together for two and a half years prior to deciding to start
2:45discussing marriage we had been living together for about a year I had in
2:50battling cancer and we both had respective challenges in our life inside
2:58you know this is kind of something that mean you know whether we make that
3:01commitment and current make the jump off the clinton get mary was illegal at the
3:07time when you when you were first dating when there was it was letting legal here
3:10in New York doing it you’re talking about going somewhere else we work
3:14within months starring talked about going to connecticut and as it so
3:19happens that effect we appeared on national public radio we were
3:22interviewed because a stunning decision that came down to the senate we were
3:27monks one of the very first couples in state in New York that actually had a
3:31traditional wedding over 200 guests leave actually we were the first couple
3:38that positional license in the town of Huntington
3:41morning everyone was in the office taking numbers who got to process the
3:47morning so well but I mean just to get by what was the the reason that you both
3:52want to get married so it wasn’t that he was pushing and pushing you had
3:57discussions over it was it all you say what was the reason you wanted to get me
4:02to get married I mean if you want if you weren’t gonna have children or maybe you
4:05are always a reason you want to get married you know he just felt like it
4:10was the right thing to do it makes sense we we did talk about having children
4:16and you know I don’t I can’t speak for him only for myself that you know first
4:21time in my life that there was somebody that just naturally felt there so the
4:27same reasons you wanna do you hoping to spend the rest of your life together and
4:32and you know you love this person so how long after it became legal in New York
4:39did you actually get married four days
4:42ok so you are one of the first one at one of the first people and then I had a
4:46question about the ceremony so this wasn’t just something like hey we’re
4:49going to get we’re going to get married so what’s legal and you have your
4:52benefits and I my benefits you did it and announced to the whole world had a
4:55big party we essentially had been living together already year we had joint bank
5:01accounts insurance policies were what the state refers to as domiciled
5:06together with an understanding of contract against verbally and but you
5:12know we had a traditional juicer juicer money and I have it
5:16$8,000 piece of artwork to YouTube on the wall my husband took a Jewish name
5:21with the intent to know if we have children with grazing in Jewish faith
5:25you know we had people were excited that we had transformed London even that
5:32slogan for this so shortly after you get married you bought a home together or
5:38did you buy the home previous to them to the marriage we started the lead a few
5:45months later my husband started to talk to discuss about us buying a home with a
5:50pool when you know you’re renting before this is my husband had owned a home so
5:57then you need to buy a home together at the correct but we had gone into
6:01contract on a home a few doors down that wound up being
6:07whole real estate debacle but eventually just over a year after being married and
6:12purchase a home in Arlington together fixed it up a little over an acre with
6:21pool and you know just just the way we would fix it cuz you know major
6:27renovations and home
6:29rate I’m gonna get into the reason I’m asking about the home in in in a little
6:33bit further back but it went to a little bit more backups know who filed for
6:37divorce my husband is ok and was a shock to you where did we having problems it
6:45was a shock just a little over a year ago we had been through some challenges
6:54not between us but I had health challenges undergone five major
6:59operations to them being spinal surgeries and you know difficult time to
7:10get through certain cancers well and a check bounced list and that didn’t make
7:17sense I never paid attention you know to do to build my income was directly
7:26deposit and I felt like you know your spouse I trust myself bills were paid
7:33and I was very wrong I want up actually consulting with an attorney and
7:42accountant who handed me to force the papers that very day and I looked I
7:48didn’t have the heart to find them and so he bounced a check so you’re saying
7:53that you thought there was money there was a shit I have always been busy
8:00stealing the money in your opinion is this is obviously speculation but you
8:04still in the money always you like i mean you know my relationship sometimes
8:07somebody would spend all the money on clothes
8:10or I don’t know what meals and you didn’t know that the money was gone or
8:14or did he actually steal it do you believe you stole it based on and you
8:19know this is based on what I’ve dug through in a year with no you know I’ve
8:25asked the court for help to discover what happened and still waiting but what
8:33I’ve discovered is or suspected that he’s he had a sizable deferments from
8:41his salary not even coming home and the rest of his income was being commingled
8:46into a separate account with his mother who just before we got married
8:52established living trust and I guess from what I can determine from my
8:58understanding of what I’ve looked at without professionals he was basically
9:04floating her bills bankrolling her living expenses day today and I don’t
9:09know about this and basically living off of my income my credit lines during an
9:19authorized balance transfers within surgeries would call I found out this
9:26mysterious ailments transfer of thousands onto or late payments do you
9:32work yet he worked in the money that is but you might even come into the leading
9:37you to know I for deposits heat mind again went direct deposit now I’ve come
9:45to tearing down it getting a rebuilt from the bank that the deposits were
9:48medical insurance reimbursement checks being held checks meant for myself that
9:55came through one of businesses helped sometimes for months or from other
10:01accounts with it just basically move money deposit but your deposit
10:08no reason to suspect anything so everything especially we just got
10:16married i mean this isn’t far into your it wasn’t even that we just got back we
10:21but you sort of show your commitment by getting married this is a great episode
10:26it’s not something I ever expected of him I don’t have a reason and I don’t
10:35know if I’ll ever have one so ok so you didn’t file for divorce so that he you
10:40get served the attorney that I had met with that at the time sent him a letter
10:47because they had hopes that it was a misunderstanding I guess he had received
10:54I’m not quite sure you receive service because yes David blank but so you are
11:02sort through your return you found out that he wanted to I did I had been in
11:07California shortly within days of returning home suffered a stroke so you
11:15know it’s stressful situation now I understand that it had a calming you
11:21haven’t been in the house so you bought this house merrily how it is and and
11:25from what I was reading you even operated your businesses out of this
11:29home how is it that you’re not in the home been home since december 11th but
11:35because you just got up and left home now how is it that you home in September
11:43one evening at 10:30 at night
11:46sheriff showed up at the door with give me five minutes to leave my home which
11:51made no sense but I was ordered to an arraignment the very next morning so I
11:56spent the night in my car showed up being accused of harassment and
12:04myself being in fear for his life which made no sense to you but i’ve seen this
12:10because this is what happens all the time in the worst cases here you know
12:14that’s the golden we got the magic bullet to get the person out of the
12:17the judge reduced it to refrain from I mean I even just by size much smaller
12:25than my stuff and physically I’m not able to lift anything more than a gallon
12:30of milk because of my friend from allowed you to go back into the house
12:35just not harass him correct go home that day after court he did not return home
12:42and basically showed up sporadically until sometime in November when he would
12:51show up
12:52wanted to show up to spend the night which to me is hard to reconcile with
12:58the divorce action and messages of nothing else and it sent a lot of mixed
13:05messages one evening showed up and wanted to go back to normality and like
13:10all kind of went off to me that maybe wasn’t all him and in kind of posing a
13:18hypothetical of you doing this for your mother to see what and often just you
13:29know he’s someone that I think has very
13:33a lot of internal challenges coming from home that I believe he’s been abused his
13:39entire life by a woman that believes that God detest homosexuals and I had
13:47not known this until after we had been married that they were born-again
13:51evangelical Christians which everybody’s got a right to their own faith but no
13:57jewish gon you never on opposite ends of the spectrum but I had understood
14:05known about it and no reason not to think otherwise and you know I do feel
14:13bad for my sure his life has been difficult and you know it’s a shame so
14:21just to get back I’m not really clear on this but why are you in the house now I
14:26filed in order to show cause hearing the orange a conference to my attorney part
14:32of that order was exclusive you see because I worked from home I also had
14:38two businesses he the judge had granted him a week to review the order size bowl
14:46it was adjourned many times and then on an ex parte order which is what I
14:56learned in emergency order filed an ex-parte means you are in their right to
15:02judge granted again gave me 48 hours sleep my home with a trial scheduled for
15:08two weeks later that had been adjourned more than seven times that didn’t start
15:12sleeping 30th hearing finished 30th and a month later
15:23fortunately I’m still like order to capture my home despite just about every
15:31cross motion invade being established as as a lie or misrepresentation to the
15:39court on top of that I would I would think not reading the papers but if
15:43anybody is gonna leave unless it sucks for both of you have to leave nobody
15:47gonna be happy that you had to businesses running out of out of the
15:51home I would think that just to be common sense that you would I had even
15:58been asked in November about roommates Scituate hyper set up which I 32
16:03provided they actually provided that
16:08retire for the evening in the same bedroom and apparently I guess there was
16:14my husband had gone before the judge with the attorneys I wasn’t allowed in
16:20the courtroom for that and that was not put that was not an acceptable option
16:27for people looking at the moment split the money to go your own ways
16:32unfortunately and again that’s a fair question of course common sense doesn’t
16:39it is happening unfortunately from what I’ve been able to determine again not
16:43being an accountant or financial individual all of the equity in the home
16:52has been removed hi have documentation that potentially could be conveyed even
17:01prior to having met me as an act of mortgage fraud and unfortunately if that
17:09helps cells where expenses
17:13not a diamond in fact I’m in bankruptcy court at present and I don’t know how
17:20because I didn’t use credit cards now I knew I know you maintained throughout
17:25the past year that this isn’t really your typical marital discourse or
17:30disgruntled spells type of situation explained that what do you think my wife
17:35and Mistress hey we’re getting divorced and now we see each other you know
17:39you’ve I see from other couples around me from friends you know couples fight
17:48they bicker they they you know have arguments this doors that was never our
17:55our marriage if I’m guilty of anything I worked a lot I i worked you know many
18:02many more hours than my husband but have arguments like that
18:07biggest I’ve probably had to do with disagreements close by his mother and so
18:14this whole thing for me is still doesn’t seem real and you know I in not angry
18:22since I mean you know and that’s probably the craziest say something
18:28other people say saying nothing says everything I in looking at it
18:34finding aunt sound and tie some medicare and homophobic rhetoric in his in his
18:41own handwriting with statements such that how to help a homosexual or gays
18:49and homosexuals are creating a new world order with no moral context or did use
18:56god is not done with them yet today I’ve been subjected I have to certainly a few
19:04remarried continued parading by my mother-in-law but things like only the
19:10special Nick jews know the Messiah has come
19:12sickness in surgery you only know peace to you
19:16Lord Jesus Christ you know that all we’re all the same and so none of this
19:24makes sense I don’t know if I was brought into marriage to have money
19:29stolen I know that a lot of these financial entanglements that don’t make
19:34sense intense action started before we were even married legally you mentioned
19:42fraud just now and I know that you recently filed to complain nullifying
19:46the asking to notify the marriage claiming that the marriage was a fraud
19:51explained that I don’t know what else to think representations about his faith
19:59helps children would be raised to just transacting all these financial
20:07transactions on you know there was an arrest was in a police investigation in
20:15by the NYPD that commencing January 2nd over a transaction and that I had with
20:22my hand for $40 that I guess as long as you have someone check you can do will
20:28you can kill money from a person I never knew this and it was traced to running
20:33back to find it finding him a sixth straight forward to be something it its
20:48charges charges charges were dropped because apparently it doesn’t matter
20:56it’s hard to prove intent but just today
21:00you know for four months I’ve been trying to get a proper police report
21:05with the second precinct I found fraudulent payees setup routing money
21:11running to push and pull money out of my family and my business accounts that I
21:17have with my family and for checks never heard from detectives like spoiled the
21:22report that came back and stated I was at Bethpage Federal complaining can
21:27access my account the office of that report I recognized the last name as
21:34being someone was known as a friend of my husband’s confirms his brother of my
21:43friend of my husbands who my attorney and I filed a complaint with internal
21:48affairs officer Thursday called me saying whatever I needed was to meet me
21:54at eleven o’clock this morning at the bank I get a call from the lieutenant of
21:58the second precinct telling me when you have a chance come in we’ll give you a
22:02report we’re not we’re not going to modify existing one so ok he refused to
22:08change the that’s not why they were called to the branch I went inside at
22:12the second precinct for two hours until well I spoke to the detective and enough
22:21is enough because you know I tomorrow will be at DA’s office and the bureau
22:29for government corruption now know we’ve talked to continue to be spent over
22:33$100,000 so far in legal fees you don’t have children you haven’t done discovery
22:39haven’t going to trial
22:41$100,000 go this question to attorneys legal cease smokescreen she begins with
22:50the court and you look at the dock insist I don’t even understand the
22:54docket myself I mean I’m getting legal education but no you’re right we haven’t
22:59even done discovery and
23:02unfortunately given my financial situation I really need to rely on the
23:07department of justice in the United States bankruptcy trustees to discovery
23:11for me to figure this out now talk about fraud and economic domestic abuse that
23:17you’re claiming I know that your client the Suffolk County Coalition Against
23:21Domestic Violence and you get in touch with other various domestic violence
23:26groups what what is the nature of your allegations of domestic domestic abuse
23:32can I say this certain things that are not technically allowed to say hi I feel
23:45that I have been victimized I feel as you start with this has continued to the
23:50court systems by attorneys and to be victimized the victim kind of game but
23:56our systems are broken and even for people that are subjected I mean I feel
24:01I’m kind of a tenacious person you know I’ve been able to put pieces together
24:05but what happens to those people that aren’t just tenacious in you know
24:10certainly I don’t know I’m sure I know this is new territory two men getting
24:14divorced and it’s the same issues but certainly I don’t know that there’s been
24:22any sensitivity to the any of the fact that you know
24:26if nothing I think it’s been made to be almost left left left in game by the
24:33courts and for meeting me your papers that so it was getting out in my
24:36introduction that whether they’re they’re actually laughing out loud or
24:39they’re just saying you know let these guys figure it out but meantime you went
24:44for justice you’re not getting I was always raised you tell the truth from
24:48family law enforcement officials and I was always raced at the courts are
24:53pleased you respect and you give respect that I’ve never in my life ever expected
25:00me when you look at some of these response papers of my my jaw drops I
25:05wouldn’t have come up and it’s almost been like a comic book that’s like how
25:10is that how does this go on record and not be addressed
25:15we don’t have too much time left as a lot of stuff to go that one of many
25:18things I really wanted to get out his I saw that I judge Bafana signed an order
25:22to show cause referring the cases Suffolk County District Attorney’s
25:26Office for investigation when I asked you about it
25:29you email be back that you are and I’m quoting forced to withdraw the motion
25:33that’s that’s tell me what you who forced you to do it who forced to
25:38withdraw this motion shots I was gonna be sensitive obviously to privacy but I
25:47was given in pretty much the perspective that had I not agreed for the motion to
25:53be withdrawn which was initially my in my tent violation of an order of
25:58protection with the family court that I would be forced to be proceeding in the
26:04matrimonial action pro se representing I would be forced to represent myself
26:09going forward which not knowing the system and still trying to figure this
26:14all out yeah that’s certainly not fair
26:20we’re getting trying to get this one more thing that I really really want to
26:24get out do you think people to look at this is happening to this guy to me if
26:29you look at this is simple they don’t get a lot they got married it didn’t
26:33work out that sucks
26:35sell the house to get the money if he if it is shown that he committed fraud you
26:39get a credit and you guys move on your separate ways to spend a hundred
26:43thousand and legal fees for this do you believe that your your ex-husband has
26:47any connections to the legal system to which judge to the attorneys you believe
26:52this was something don’t know if this is really believe that you don’t know what
26:59you think
27:01man i’ve been cautioned by my own counsel about articulating what I feel I
27:07have discovered or what I believe exists but I will say that we live in town of
27:15Huntington my estranged spouse is good friends with Frank Petrone family is in
27:24stems from Huntington in Northport and is very well-connected friendly with
27:28people like justice full sense or an active members of the fire department so
27:33one could reasonably deduce or tie together that other justices that have
27:39political backgrounds in the town of Huntington know my my spouse’s family
27:45right now I’m you you belong to these health problems and obviously just want
27:49to move on with your life it’s upsetting what happen
27:51looking into the camera opportunity to talk to your husband what would you tell
27:55him right now you have 30 seconds is there anything you would want to tell
28:00him ok I know that I know this is upsetting and I hope for both of you
28:07that you can move on with your life and
28:09again this just highlights the issues that so many problems in the court
28:14system and I say stay out of the court system because it’s bad enough for men
28:19getting divorced or anybody getting divorced just hope it’s horrible there’s
28:22a bias towards men there’s definitely a bias I mean judge Mary McNulty was found
28:28to be making a comment against gay people
28:31court officer Turner me if nobody turned around this would have been going on
28:34forever how many other people have have biases the courts are supposed to be
28:39fair and treat people fairly this man is entitled as a human being and legally to
28:47be treated fairly and to get justice in court and not to be abused by the system
28:53and if nothing else he shouldn’t have had to spend $100,000 and filed for
28:59bankruptcy to get out of it damn divorce let the men go on with his life and are
29:04living in a productive member of society i’m Gary Jacobs and thank you for
29:09joining us for another edition of

A Life Stolen – Behind These 4 Walls

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