Why a blogg?

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So while some may think that a public domain like a blog is not a place to share my woes or sentiments of life or my current existence, and while maybe to protect others interestsThe desire for the existence of God for bid anybody should know for which we live in a country that we have a G-d given right to the freedom of speech, there do exist people out there whom may not have the chutzpah or the tenacity to stand up and tell their story.

I have spent a good portion of my career working with some amazing people people who make a difference in this world. Maybe not solve the worlds problems or the problem at hand but they do move us a little bit closer toward what we talk about it work as being an ultimate Utopia. I will remember one weekend of needing to work with someone very special who s I could not be more proud of; who in many ways struggled with coming to the sense of self very much that any of us who are gay havein our own life. Today I couldn’t be more proud of the things that person has done and is doing and continues to do to change the world and the mere fact that I was able to share an aspect of my life that hopefully contributed to some perspective for them to find peace and contentment with it being okay to be who you are and thus makes the ability for us to just talk and share our life you have or the right of freedom of speech in this country and so my blog to share aspects of my story is for those that can’t, or won’t or have yet to potentially face similar and the same.

And so that for me is how I justify and where in my mind is with such a blog and sharing my journey and I can justify and as a way to potentially heal by helping maybe others.

This evening I had a fortunate opportunity to engage and speak with a member from the LGBT Anti-Violence Project and as a Gay Man had the opportunity to share my Fight to Live and Live to Fight. Now again because there are things I cannot share, their immediate assistance and involvement I cannot define for you except to say that it’s encouraging that there are projects like that which do exist and proactively reach back out and are willing to listen to those who are willing to speak.

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