Call me foolish or call me ballsy

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So much of what I’ve learned this week is that much of a our legal system is just completely and entirely broken. We have representatives that in theory whose job it is “in essence” to not only uphold the law but to be representatives of the court, and our own individual add the kids that we compensate quite well and to charge it didn’t want to’s amounts of money to help us navigate it legal system according to the law in representing every day people like you and I. However, it only makes me revert back to the very same question of how does one even look them self in the mirror in the morning when our system isn’t about right and wrong, what is true and what is not, What is fact versus what is a myth or what is a lie.

In the middle of standing in a court room this week I fired my attorney right in the middle of a proceeding in front of the judge. now when my call me an absolute schmuck or idiot for doing so. And frankly I’m not sure how that looked to the judge and I’m sure such an act is hey forthcoming excuse to attempt to impose some form of a sanction on to me. However, there was a man who my entire life including the day I was diagnosed with cancer told me the following which most of you already know and that is “when you leave this earth you only take two things with you, your name and your integrity”.

You see my attorney despite what I clearly see us being unprepared for court given that I stayed awake the entire night preparing and yet she was the one to do all the talking and said nothing. Ironic how that pans out. But she allowed lies and tails to be said that were not only entirely untrue, the were exacerbated, fabricated and in some instance were just an outward lie.

And so when she turned to me and just kept saying “shhhh”; that was it because maybe she didn’t care about this little thing about telling the truth or certainly knowing what is right and what is wrong. And while what I believe is called a clear intent to hopefully diminish any potential access to even employee council I would rather spend every last dime that I had to my name to maintain exactly that my name and my integrity then to cower and allow the very essence of what I believe was the initial little white lie almost 10 years ago that was made on a simple form that started this all, I will never ever do things in life driven by greed, given by disparity, or driven by money. See I know what is to come to the day of reckoning the count your blessings and to have to forgive transgressions when you’re not guaranteed tomorrow, and I can tell you none of the above is anything you remotely begin to think about. See your legal system may be about playing a game and who can play the game the best supposed to honor and justice.

I’ve also had opportunities this week to spend and have valuable conversations with people who like myself believe in upholding and standing up for what is right and it provide some reassurance that there are individuals like this that sit in Albany in the Governor’s offices, and that also sit within private industry certain executives at a large banking/financial institutions, and healthcare providers, Who will extend the time and courtesy that look into matters and make one spike their own in being able to validate or dispute what is and is not correct or wrongs that should’ve been made right and had been overlooked.

So while our legal system may be a game that perhaps I refuse to play this week I mastered my own game, the game of clue for which I can honestly say I’m content with what I have summized with nonetheless of obvious clues, as to what I believe will be validated as the “who, what, when and how.”

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