It’s a new year…

Click Here for Affidavit of Truth incorporating this and all blog posts contained in this domain in their entirety. 

It’s certainly with the ball dropping at midnight I l awoke from a sleep this year but not this nightmare that is my reality that I still wish i could awake from and that it was just a bad dream.

So what’s new in what seems like this made for television movie that’s really one of those Tom Cruise fiction’s of fighting against evil and time to save planet earth? I have to say that I learned a lot, I’ve uncovered a lot yet I still feel so broken, hurt and to pieces inside.

I can’t even begin to see a light or path to how to heal from such experiences and knowledge that the truths of my reality being fact and not something I am mistaken or misguided about.

Some might be curious what my eaffidavit is all about. Well despite our constitutional rights of freedom of speech and despite me always having been raised that one you should respect the law, uphold the law, and have faith in justice, the truth is that our justice system and its processes and even sometimes assignees who commit to upholding the values and ideals, don’t and so while maybe advanced for what it seeks to accomplish our legal systems are daunting and certainly are not without mistake or fault. I don’t pretend to be any schooled individual that knows law inside and out, and I’m guilty of at times referring to the law as the art of language. But those that play by the rules and hold steadfast to believing in justice ive come to realize the truth is that playing by the rules gets you burned. What I am realizing is the world is disappointing in many ways to me that there are so many people that have so little moral ethics even in today’s world where fact and truth versus lies and made up stories matter very little; that’s sad.

We live in a time that one can make the most absurd fictions or claims and swear to them with little to no repercussions at all or at the very least by the time this legal process unfolds, The damage is done and it matters probably very little by then.

Over the past two weeks I have spent a significant amount of time engaged with, seeking and getting on boarded with assistance and protection from various federal authorities. I am in no way delusional, mentally ill, in being of the opinion and with evidence that it appears to me at least that there have been such acts committed against me, or that have consequences that had never had my knowledge, my consent, and certainly my approval.

As recent as yesterday I had monies by what is termed a check by phone (which I have not ever once in my life done such a transaction let alone obviously the one yesterday) withdrawn from my account, the very same account that issues payments in fact however the positive side to that isn’t necessarily that I discovered this in real time happening, rather it’s occurrence and additional transactions are FTC regulated an automatically documented and monitored as a result of case files which had already been documented conveying the same, the FTC, the FBI, consumer financial protection bureau’s, credit unions and some other federal agencies for which establish grounds by mere evidence without my inputs, or my recollections submitters reports and criminal complaints now officially on record and will be actionable.

As of a few weeks ago, after spending numerous hours there are open files and submissions that I have made pro actively in what does really seem to be a fight to live by mind boggling measures case filings with these federal authorities.

And without disclosing more yet I certainly am in disbelief in knowing and having documented proof that my email at various periods had been broken into, my name forged / misrepresented on things that call me blonde but I have no clue the purpose but certainly including something like a deposit slip or withdrawal slip. Playing by the rules my reputation itself has probably been dragged through the mud and I suspect there exists a many fictitious or lights police reports or complaints against me for things that never ever happened or occurred or and including allegations and affirmations that must’ve been submitted by someone who is back from the future. I guess not many people allow things to consume them like I do and maybe I do to a faultbut what I’ve learned this far in life is that all those times you were told as a child always tell the truth it becomes times like this we are one really begins to appreciate wanting and always telling the truth, because I know I person could never live with myself conveying the lies my reality has been fighting.

And so my affidavit of truth because even the truth is used against you and potential he although this blog is about my existence in the world solely I run the risk of having been threatened of being accused of contempt for talking about what my life is like, what disbelief and shock I experience as of late on a daily basis and certainly referencing nobody but myself and my perspectives and opinions which hurt no one make you yes witness and a sounding board because by the time you find the right person willing. to listen when you’re all beaten up or on the brink of being discouraged, I do thank G-d for the tenacity and the courage of knowing that life is never about giving up. And most of all is about one’s good name when earned and well deserved.

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