Question of my day….

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Ive come across today an application having to do with a youth group and one of the series of questions asked of their applications for youth leaders is

Have you ever struggled with homosexuality

Now I’m on the fence as a homosexual, how to take such a question… Would you say that is is highly
A) Inappropriate
B) anti-gay
C) innocently inquisitive?


Also what would be the perceived perception of individuals partaking, leading or organizing such groups and their views on homosexuality and same-sex marriage?

One thought on “Question of my day….

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  1. Totally and utterly inappropriate. As if there should be a struggle – because the struggle lies in the “choice” to be gay/ lesbian?
    Where is the question “have you ever struggled with heterosexuality”?
    Oh, and the fact that the question is placed between have you been molested, are you a molester and/or have any other felonies, clearly speaks to its homophobic nature.

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