Quick Tricks Tip #:1

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In my continued efforts to not only combat various fraudulent and criminal economic acts committed against me, I want to share with others some key lessons / tips so to heighten your own awareness about the types of tricks out there today which are used to commit fraud and to steal, launder and embezzle funds for which had I not experienced this firsthand would never have thought twice about some of these things…

For the tips and tricks I’m going to be sharing it’s important to note for you that they have already been verified as having been a trick and have already been documented with authorities and respective institutions so I feel comfortable disclosing them and others we will reveal has time moves on. Feel free to ask questions as they arise on the ones that obviously are posted and I’m happy to answer any that you have been sent me any suggestions you have I’m happy to hear as well.

So here’s Quick Trick Tip #1:

For those individuals that make use of your banks’ online banking bill pay feature: always double check the payee details and account numbers associated with these payees that they have / have not changed and route to/from the correct accounts.

Keep in mind that some online banking institutions may only show your payee at a top level a ‘custom’ name for which you assign. Take a few moments to go deeper into the payee details to make sure the info all matches up.

In my instance, I did and much to my surprise two payees had been set up to route monies from a business account into a private account under the name of a credit card and even the name of my business. As a result all of the accounts would now be considered compromised.

If something like this happens, get to your bank / financial institution as soon as you discover this. Call police from the location so they together with banking personnel can verify what you are reporting and immediately have the accounts frozen. DO NOT conduct any further transactions via those accounts. Many banks now have an IP tracking in place so it is likely they can track the IP address of where the setup of the payee came from.


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