Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self

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After spending a good portion of nearly what now accounts for 10 hours with authorities and law enforcement over more fraud and identity theft, I sit here and think about just how sad and empty I continue to feel that the reality I’m contending with, fighting to protect myself and clear my name of insurmountable debts, and various acts committed against me, against my will, with the clear purpose and intent of theft, with the intent of being dishonest, I can only feel greater sorrow and sadness that such situations need not have existed, yet have due to human nature’s own hold of allowing ourselves to live temptations and without virtue.

It brings me back to remembering something I tell people all the time and that is that print on paper didn’t exist when the world was created. And that is at the core of humanity we have a responsibility and obligation to each other no matter how alike or different we are, to recognize and acknowledged each other for what we are – living and breathing beings; human beings. most of us all start out acknowledging the basic principle of the creation of the world and the divine presence and giving of the 10 Commandments among which one very profound commandment – ‘to love thy neighbor as thyself.’

The basic principle of this very commandment has gone on throughout history and even literature of some of the greatest literary works including that of William Shakespeare to expand upon that in a similar adage we know as “to thy own self be true” which emphasize the importance of honesty, living with virtue, and to be the best individuals we can.

There are times in life when we come across others that some stay, some leave, some coming to our world two teach us things but all for a purpose. For me I can’t find much reason to explain the purpose to teach anything positive for what my reality is and continues to be except that it is not about me rather it is about being disingenuous, fabricating lies in being dishonest and fabricating more lies to cover up lies. And so in the very core fundamental basic of loving thy neighbor as thyself, I still am greatly saddened and hold a heavy heart that even as human beings, this very commandment is One that we fail to acknowledge even thousands and thousands and thousands of years after receiving it into our world I think basic understanding of human existence.

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