With Liberty & Justice for All

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And so tonight I receive word to sit and wait to receive a call, a call to portray a victim’s tale, the truth emerging above so many lies. The truth for one and the truth for all.

I know that I am not the same person I was yesterday or the same person I was a month ago or even three years ago. And tomorrow I will never be the same person I am today. I’ve faced countless nights, sleepless nights awake fearful of getting into a bed because the physical pain watching every night turn today and feeling like that was a punishment. I’ve survived over 30 hours of operations, Learned to walk again with metal holding me together. I’ve learned how to let go and put trust into others, only to find one can only truly put trust is ones self.

I’ve had my faith challenged, my beliefs in humanity stretched and I’ve been nearly close to broken but only bruised.

I’ve learned to swallow my pride and set aside my ego and to show my inner self in my weakest moments but with humility for much of that had meant so much to me, hoping that all of me would prove to have been enough.

I stepped back and I’ve weekend that stubborn stance that I’m so known to have but yet I sit but with only One road that leads to all the truth of a reality I did not create, the road direction I have all but willingly chosen and an outcome which carries still many unknowns but will always bare for me the heaviest of hearts for the choice of traveling a road that certainly isn’t my own.


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