No Day But Today

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As I’m packing a travel bag and journey out in a few, sad and heavy at heart of an imminent passing of a life and prayers for few. i’m reminded about just how fragile life is, how everything that we do in every waking moment, the
way we spend our days, the impact we make in this world, what we do for others and what we do for ourselves is what builds and creates our legacy in the way in whichwe will always be remembered.

tomorrow is never guaranteed and the only assurances we have are only for this day. Time is only but a quantifiable component measured not but only qualities of our days; with the time and what we have to do.

]i’m reminded tonight that our circle of life inevitably will always come full circle; so live each day, as it is your last, never counting on that there will be a tomorrow; be true to yourself and life will be true to you. Be the best person you can be, good onto yourself and onto others. Tell the people that mean the most that they do, love them as they love you; tell those that support you and appreciate them as should you, and live life today with all virtue that you want held true in the legacies ultimately to be left in the memory of you. Live life today and be it true that as for a tomorrow, there may not be one or you.

So make the most of today, giving many thanks that there is a someone, there is a you.


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