Having Faith

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I think as everyday that i struggle in being able to persevere and find peace or someway to understand what motivates disingenuous acts of personified fiction it’s easy to lose faith, faith in the fact that there is justice and that justice prevails and of course that there are the men in blue that time and again prove that there are no other like the NYPD.

But in the same token patience which has never been one of my strong suits i’m learning is the key behind faith as tonight there came breakthroughs, breakthroughs that have diminished smokescreens, law enforcement coverups, and that has now sealed a fate that only a system of criminal justice now controls.

From my heart of hearts, I will never understand nor will I accept that’s the only choice, the only option was greed  which was the driver of so much evil that would rather be put forth a persona of lies, to cover up unrighteous theft, fraud and deceit not to mention betrayal rather then to put forth honesty, some remorse or even an apology and open one’s mind and heart for the sake of peace, for the sake of harmony,  for the sake of what once was or what could’ve been. It is in that and I don’t think I will ever find peace fully and will always be tormented with a heavy heart and Irrepairable hurt.

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