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we shall see…

So, I had a crazy couple weeks in having some health challenges again and for which the doctors giving me a very strict warnings as sadly for some weeks now and my heart rate has been holding steady at around 122 to 126 which puts me into a category despite being on beta blockers at being high risk to have another stroke or a massive heart attack. Ironically I sat in an hour and a half of traffic just to get to the doctor to get news like this. Someone once said it’s good to live life through chemistry and truth be told sometimes your body still doesn’t accept the chemistry. Having survived and persevered five operations and a stroke, I’m still a walking time bomb, walking around among things I can’t control, and certainly things that I wish weren’t and that I know I didn’t create, the things that I don’t even understand why and probably never will but still wish were not.

I needed to make some decisions as in earlier blogs they talked about being in insurmountable debt without really being an individual that had used credit cards. Well sadly couple weeks ago I got a notice that I’m being sued by a doctor. Ironically this is a doctor as most of you know I’m walking around with a 3 mm aneurysm in my brain and the spray Dr. suing me is the surgeon that I need to save my life when the time comes to have that operation. The doctor is suing me for well over $15,000 which represents services provided back when I had a stroke in September.

Now you may ask her second-guess that is being normal for someone actually without medical insurance but the fact is I do have medical insurance and ironically a check had been mailed from my insurance company. However, mysteriously that check along with several others that it up to about $20 to $22,000 worth seem to never make their way to the doctor and I have a ton of bills and collections effort after me for the very people that I’m depending on to save my life and treat me.

As a result and I’m not ashamed to say it because I’m actually proud that the federal arm of our government has policies and procedures in place to protect individuals in such situations and as of two weeks ago and confirm this evening I am now in Chapter 11 bankruptcy for which Uncle Sam is going to help me understand how I’ve gotten here and as I understand it they will look at where every dollar and dime having had been earned went and sadly and rightfully so monies that perhaps should’ve gone to debts and spent elsewhere or that wound up with someone else or what not, they apparently have a way they get it back and they pay the debts as they should have been. And apparently which I’m not even going to ask but I’m told these are people you just do what they tell you so I’m unequivocally paying 100% attention. Yes Uncle Sam, No Uncle Sam and over here Uncle Sam….

They even have powers to get money for returned that were perhaps misappropriated. I’ll tell you it’s really no easy feat as I’ve spent a good portion of the last two days and filling out and confirming various documents for the United States Department of Justice and United States trustee including getting affidavit signed statement of financial affairs and financial schedules as well as account numbers everywhere and anywhere. After all if you can’t lie to the federal government right? And I wouldn’t think so because it just reminds me of good all dear Bernie and of course Theresa and joe’ those two special New Jersey house people people

Amiss of all this tonight apparently I got another Verizon bill however the ironic part I haven’t had Verizon services since early February or late January because I’ve been a customer of a local smaller provider… so it will be interesting to see where investigators and police trace that back to … my money is on the same offender they’ve named who has now 2 warrants out for arrest.

Which leads me to other things about my reality that while I still have heavy heart and I know that it takes time but our legal system does work and for me I just need to be patient matter of time as my life and my world and my past my present and my future all now remain in the hands of our country is Department of Justice, authorities who have confirmed acts including felonies against me and have taken the necessary next steps as would be needed in documenting issue being what they need to issue to get things on their end rolling and get some  questions answered voluntarily or involuntarily in order to conclude their own investigations & charges. I do believe there are not just one incident as we’ve seen or one offender but accomplishes as suspect all who will in time be named, questioned and i hold steadfast to pressing charges and backing punishments to the fullest extent of the law for such deplorable crimes for whom ever authorities may confirm to be accomplices. I have no mercy for criminal, i have no empathy for those that break the law and cheat by g-d’s own word despise a liar.

As a religious leader and co-partner of a chuppah renting venture , that’s kind of been at a grinding halt given there is no  business they are almost shut down because there is no business and so that’s been discouraging. Not to mention that certainly affects my ability to tackle debts that are not mine but that are not mine, but that goes against a number of withdrawal tickets and checks I found that apparently have my signature on it but really isn’t my signature but so be it I guess it bears my name, or does it?  Ironically Chase had been an awesome helped to  me  in providing an entire account rebuild of all transaction  and ironically Profession examination agreed that a handwriting analysis to be looked at because even sequence of check numbers don’t make sense but in the coming days and weeks I will have to participate by law in several meetings scheduled  to give under oath and answer questions under oath providing information to a United States department of justice federal  representative testimony nd. Schedules upon schedules so to help me understand how I’ve gotten here, if I can even get out of this or for them to let me out of this reality and I’m ironically already guaranteed under the constitution  of our great county  and already in place as of midnight tonight and that’s without even facts are starting to get testimony but I’m guaranteed a fresh start and might say and attractive way to make that fresh start. That is if this bankruptcy winds up so required. I must say although one might look and tell me well I should be positive because in the end I turn out okay I still didn’t feel good knowing attorneys filed Chapter 11 petition it did a number on my self-esteem but I’m sure that unfortunately I I am in the position not by choice and that I’ve been given no other choice. Sadly this isn’t something in life where there are winners and losers, actually no winners,  but a lot of unnecessary and unavoidable pain and a lot of hurt that will never be undone.  I know today, I will emerge and have a fresh start and be provided with that and protection around material things that yes i have worked hard for, i earned and will wind up retaining while carrying always the pain of a heavy hurt, the heart of a victim, no more..



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