To sometimes wonder

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so as I begin preparing a shit load of materials and documents and such for upcoming meetings pertaining to my prior reference so if filing into Chapter 11,  while it begins to convey how not only is such necessary but actually provides mean much-needed support and assistance in handling it very mismanaged and almost intentionally fraudulent reality. Matter of fact in seeking out to better understand  matters, the upcoming review of debts, creditors and related including all accounts and transactions associated with myself in what ever capacity, the word fraud repeatedly comes up including the real facts of litigation and criminal charges associated with potential frauds. As such I took a step back and started to think without emotion but rather sensibly but what has my life been like the past six months and I broke down and decided to put my foot forward with some genuiness and and sincereity which again very disappointedly is not even acknowledged. I don’t know what hurts more.

The other day I received a letter from one of the followers of my blog which I want to share with you and I think really encapsulates some words to something I can’t even describe.


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