Serving up a spoonful of reality

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So I think one of the hardest thing in this fight to live and live to fight journey that I call my reality is that when you really look at things from taking a step back kind of being served dose of reality as much things make sense in terms of piecing together a puzzle they still make no sense at all. primarily because the one he question will always remain unanswered is the why.

This bump in the road along my journey definitely has proven to be so difficult and has tested my perseverance, my strength, my tenacity and my resilience.

someone might ask the question of is it really worth it; some might even ask the question if I still remember what this whole journey in reality has really been about. I know that nothing will ever make me the person I was again I will never made whole. and for me very painfully  and sadly when I revisit the question I’ve had to face so often in the past recent years of illness when reckoning my life it is only but now for the first time when asked the question of “do I have any regrets?” there is the painful answer of YES….

I don’t know that I can find any positive lessons this had been meant to teach me about life, but what I do know is that this still is about my “fight to live”, so that I’m able to live to fight.

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