A Fine Line… Immorality vs. Criminality

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I’m and apparently the house i purchased appears to have been on radar a lot longer and before I even knew of its’ existence. I’m baffled why thatt is but nonetheless it more than likely i assume it has to do with a whole mess again that I appeared to be fighting at that point in time.  I’ve also discovered what I believe are checks that had been written out and signed by someone other than the signer on several occassions. This week I had the opportunity to speak with one of the law enforcement representatives that i have a meeting with this week along with seveal others and he pointed something ,out to me in helping to focus and guide me as I pull from now what is a file drawer full of evidence what is most pertenant to them. His guidance was “there is a fine line between immorality and criminality” so fine the line and go from there.This is at least what his perspective is for the upcoming meeting. I also have a feeling something has now been done with mail, as its been days and days since receiving any. I did call the post office and i actually received a call back from the Inspector General who recommended I come down in person Monday, and so that gets added into the week

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