Holier Than Thou

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Amist the craziness this week, i’ve had several moments where I simply felt it appropriate to address and dedicate  one blog on the subject “holier than thou”.

At the earlier start of the week I was approached about cosigning for a car finance nonetheless by relative who obviously was absent minded in  understanding what is going on in my world right now and how inappropriate of a question that was to even ask.

Then (and this ironically made headlines around the world and around the entire United States) is our Long Island cardiologist that made the news who actually happens to also be my doctor and cardiologist. I have known that physician for close to 12 years. he has always been a stellar doctor, showing great regard and respect and someone that pulls no punches and tells you like it is. I will say that my confidence in him as a doctor and physician remain unwavered.  As an intellectual person I acknowledg certainly facts presented appear to be quite concerning however having spent the past six months living to the tune of nothing but stall tactics, smoke screened bullshit and outright lies, I am quite confident in saying that there is certainly more that’s got to be to the story and the cardiologist.

But you know interestingly these all have a commonality that is shared by the holier than thou syndrome. See what I can at least picked up somewhat in the 35 years Ive been on this earth, is I don’t care who you are, what you say you are, you are a human being and every human being will always have the “holier than thou” syndrome. That’s because by human nature we want to always look as best as we can in the most positive light. This is understandable but no one person has the right to judge another and using a holier than thou approach because at the end of the day, you may appear holy but truly are holier than a piece of cheese.

I’ve seen this in the most liberal of individuals to the most religious of individuals. Take the Inlaw for example card carrying Bible Belt, with this holier than thou attitude because the answer to the worlds problems is in a book, and G-d is very specific on how we are expected to live our life yet in certaim circumstances it’s okay to not tell the truth and lie about silly things like whether or not a sibling has the same mother and father or not.  No that only personifies the fact that no matter who we are or what we say we believe we are all biased by a holier than thou syndrome some more than others but surely no one is exempt.

I think us as a people as a civilization because of man helps man, we are too easily swayed by what others say, what other feel and what others do. This. However it is what causes theworlds complexities and create more challenges and problems than need to be as life really is black-and-white man makes grey.

You cannot claim to support a particular view and stance, yet financially support institutions that are adversarial in any way shape or form of that perspective

One cannot seek to inspire others or impressionable minds to embrace and accept change but then take part in activities or. Work with in areas that refute those very same differences and call out those very same differences as a negative, or shortfall  detestable.

For me, I’ve come to that reality long ago to accept what is unacceptable, accept what is acceptable and rise to the occasion for all else in every instance you will shine.

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