I keep wishing and hoping that I’m going to open my eyes and realize that I’m laying in bed and have been asleep dreaming or more so having a nightmare.

I started cleaning up mounds of papers and documents and needed to put some order to it for an appearance I required to make with the district attorney tomorrow.  And by the day my heart continues to break and shatter as if it couldnt break & shatter any more then it has.  I can now come across one of the Key reasons why despite not having Verizon services for months there seems to be issues in getting accounts closed or shut off.;

That’s because among several accounts appatently one account was opened for my business which has never operated or been located here in Brooklyn; nonetheless apparently a business that has never had any association here does operate in a one room apartment.
;And there in lays my dilemma given my meeting tomorrow it is but yet a new and separate but additional act…. 
 i don’t and continue to not have words but to be in complete and utter shock and just hurt.  

how does one anticipate commit so many fraudulent acts and belief that nothing would ever get discovered or be held accountable to? How  even in moments where there were chances to undo the wrongs in what has been done, would one choose to just continue ahead and deal with the consequences as they come rather than just do it all and put an end to it all.  My heart just shatters even more…


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