How much change a year makes

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to look back a year ago where I was just ecstatic and fired  up to see Cher for the second day in a row, thankful that I can still walk on my own and that I made it through some of the most difficult and trying time in my life, who would’ve thought that I would be right back to a situation where I am still fighting for my life?

I’ve spent a good part of the past two weeks in and out of Courts, attorneys offices, prosecutors offices and only to continue over the next week or two with a whole other county.

In a year, I’ve managed to unravel and discover acts so disingenuous that they still remain mind-boggling to me where my heart and my mind can’t come to a reconciliation with one another. From intentionally inflicted and negligently inflicted acts of mortgage fraud to insurance fraud, larcenies to forgeries, lies and misrepresentations, involuntary debt assignments and loan withdrawals to conversion of funds and even being ousted from my own home on lies, a lot can change in a year.

I think back to the day it all began with my asking one question and my asking one simple request. and for which both still remain unanswered in a response, yet of the truthful answers   I have found many and which now explain why The question remains unanswered with no response.

A lot has been lost and certainly financially, that too; but of the greatest in the significance by such unnswered questions is a friendship and trust, and all that, just because…. Or was that ever not real or perhaps was that The dream that I have awoke from that was so not real

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