“Recommended, two out of three”

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The past few days have been some of bitter – sweet. Medically, it marked the two year anniversary for what was probably one of the more in-depth difficult and frightening of surgeries I faced. Today I’m able to walk, lay in bed at night with just some management of pain. I saw her that neurosurgeon this past week and unfortunately I do have the start of bone degeneration of the thoracic spine which likely means down the road I’ll be requiring more spine surgery .:-(

I also despite correspondence which had gone months ago, I must extend thanks to the National Credit Union Administration (NCAU) in Washington DC along with some local management who vouched for my relationship at a certain financial institution had launched into an internal formal investigation for a specific look at institutional business practices and also into hiring controls and reviews stemming from a specific adhoc employee that they had employed for very brief time out of left field that I believe may have some part in what has taken place. As of today thanks to that investigation which is still underway and pending a final examination and potential criminal charges to be brought, two out of the three credit reporting bureaus have facilitated and come to the conclusion in conjunction with a particular ‘creditor’ that an identity theft crime called an account take over has merit and have removed a debt which was assigned to me over the short period of 6 months without my knowledge or consent on the basis of this identity theft crime.  As a result a very pivotal an insurmountable debt of more than $120k has been removed from at least two of the three credit reporting agency’s and am hopeful of the third one also removing it after they’ve confirmed and engage with the NCUA and this paticular  or institution.

There is also been an eye-opening coming to Jesus almost where at times I think perhaps it’s been too focused on specifics and not the bigger picture in being able to right the wrongs and in considering this and taking it from the top perspective down realizing accept mortgage fraud insurance fraud bank fraud aren’t really or necessarily about something I’ve done your purposeful and intentional tort me although I could potentially argue otherwise but in looking at that complete and total picture I’ve done what is the responsible and also the right thing to do and that is turning over the evidence I had in my possession to the New York State Department of financial services so they can begin to investigate and if so warranted bring charges for acts and crimes committed against these institutions and whomever else has fallen victim or been victimized by anyone who could despicably, disingenuously, sinfully with malice committed and transacted such against anyone.

And so as my aunt  inspires and instilled in me you kiss it up to God and that I’ve done knowing and remembering that this is been done to me not me doing this to anybody else and that the choices and paths that of been chosen as we all have consequences to face may not be immediate in the now but nonetheless consequences to eventually face and justice that undoubtingly has begun and will always triumph and prevail.

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