The $304,527.22 Question

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Over the course of the past 24 hours I would say case solved except it’s far from over though all of the ducks have come in a line in me being able to answer the question I honestly thought I would never get answered and that is the question of why….

And honestly as others have suggested to me before, that this has nothing to do with me at all however directly it does because I was the scapegoat for something that started over 10 years ago… As far back as 2003 beginning with different nomenclatures and aliases and thereafter a few years later, commit mortgage fraud and to the current of passing on bad debt to an innocent victim who was frail in health, I assume with the hope and desire that I would be terminal and drop dead with each illness or operation i underwent and take such bad debts for they should  start a new.

I have to personally thank Chase for not only providing accurate and duplicate applications that closed the loop here and so clear in black-and-white are the answers and conditions answer that question of why.

Doing such to someone else like this is incomprehensible and despicable and certainly answerable and accountable to justice and the laws of our great state and country .

Speaking of which  I also got an unexpected but nonetheless an okay visit from two detectives regarding an alleged complaint and accusations of something I had not done. When one respects the law, the law does work and so the detectives very nicely sat and we discussed all of the multitude of experiences and communications waged even as far as with internal affairs but what I was impressed with the most is that they sat and looked through a good portion of at least three boxes full of documents and evidence of a total picture. And today duplicate copies of disputed credit agency determinations that were filed months ago for apparently the same alledged accounts In question, disputes had been filed with reporting agencies several months ago by me because I’m not aware of what they are. But furthermore in consulting in contacting one of the specific transactions and looking into that account apparently it stems back to an account first opened on/around the same time I had issues with my Discover card and ironically within days of my first back operation in January 2013 for some purchase of a several thousand dollar vanity from an   Certainly not even a week after having spine surgery I doubt I can lift something that’s called a vanity because two years later I still can’t lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk.

I am surely hoping that soon this will all just anything goes away because I’m tired of living with piles of papers  defending myself against smokescreens of lies and disingenerous people Who have attempted to try to steal my life and my worth and stop at nothing including filing false police reports which I believe is also a crime; I’m not sure.

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