Sometimes it pays…


Today was a very interesting day to say the least. I had to appear before he district court with respect to any issue over a permit for a structure my house. now my position did differ slightly over the mere fact among many things presented to the court that anywhere near the time a summons issued for the matter. interestingly enough this morning when I appear and in exchange for withdrawing in an order to show cause that I served upon the court basically were dismissed against myself. now interesting either case itself isn’t closed but the important fact here is independently representing myself not with an attorney chsrges dropped against me.

Tenant then so comes in upcoming civil litigation that I had filed some months ago unethical, disingenuous, illegal conduct which actually has led to a formal investigation with an assigned agents from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Washington DC for whom I had the opportunity yes they speak with at great length.

As a result I’ve decided to move for a different course of action and I can certainly say that I can appreciate how much time an attorney takes in drafting a motionand serving it on to the third parties along with nearly 20 some odd exhibits of evidence it’s a bit tiresome. But I would say that it felt good to have a federal agent actually validate exactly what was in my mind in creating that motion and supported by someone of such great stature. Among several things aside from asking for a summary judgment I’ve actually at the court in this particular matter to order a transfer to different venue including citing specific crimes committed and appealing for the court to prosecute the named offenders among which are several felonies and federal crimes.

What is also interesting to me in having to navigate court systems, authorities,  financial institutions and even law libraries is the first response any type of form of allocation I notice is to make someone look and feel like a crazy or a complete nut job. I find that a cowardly and yet very pathetic come back. I mean let’s rationalize this here and certainly my situation… While I may be a sensitive person I will admit cries quite easily or my feelings hurt quite easily or really that I wear my heart on my sleeve, for a person to be able to tell you, the who, the what, the when, and the how and of course niw, the why, I suspect the person is not so nutty after all- if they can piece together so many elements; rather what is nutty or perhaps delusional is that one doesn’t figure it out sooner or is disillusioned and looking for the good in something that is so disheartening, unpure and just straight out evil.

I suspect the ends will continue to result in nothing positive I’m certainly perhaps drunk possibilities of people being held accountable in doing hard time prison time opposed to not having engaged in unlawful acts, continued to perpetrate fraud, rather than seek to put something to bed, to undo the wrong and make them right or even so to believe that Lies can prevail above truth and justice for which I disagree… Justice Make take time for truth and justice is as we say the American Way.

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