Psychology 101 (a) + (b) = G-d’s word?!?!

We celebrate the concept of Independence it reminds me of my own situation and the fact that one the contributing factors I think is the “lack thereof” Independence. So in this post I want to take a look at the psychology of my situation and I came across the following article below which talks about how is very likely for an abused individual to become an abuser.Victims can become the Biggest Abusers ~ The Cycle of Abuse

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I’m not speaking specifically in reference to myself as an abused victim but the individual responsible for making my reality what it is come out for being the criminals that they are and against justice think you need to put sonify for and live in hopes to avoid formal investigations and criminal charges for which lingers at least one set charges the foreign quite confident more to come.

Most thatknow me, know that I am very analytical person and persistent to a fault.  I’m don’t always let things go which I’m not quite sure why one might assume that this would be any different.

When I look at the life of my abuser while hurt beyond words, I still feel sorry for them as I realize that they’ve been abused their entire life, justified with the same justification that these people hide behind, their claim it being “G-d’s Word”. Clearly these poeple are ones that need dire help, disillusioned people.  When researching – one finids a significant number of white collar criminals borne from these same institutions they belong and educational institutions they attend, so when does religion become the get out of jail card for free when committing crimes?

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