Dear Mr US Dept of Justice Trustee:

So being in chapter 11 bankruptcy is a bit unconventional given this is typical bankruptcy for an organization or those individuals that opt to be treated as an entity in providing consent to the United States federal government to help audit you and to assist in assessing how and where money has gone, I can tell you from a preliminary audit that except for what amounts to approximately $1464, over the past two years,  I have through earnings and credit apparently carried all expenditures for all that’s been put forth.

So what have I discovered and I’ll be taking with bits and pieces as theres so much to go through to recap as the US federal government, United States Department of Justice and US Bankruotcy Trustee on my behalf begin to  litagate and take these funds back since viewed as misappropriated and fraudulent. Some examples of what appears to have transacted for example:

On January 2, 2013 the same day that I have seen any position to clear me for the first of two spinal surgeries, my  Discover Card received a $4,000 balance transfer on my account I don’t recall transacting and apparently from an account I am NOT connected to.

The same day my chase slate card received a $1200 charge of some form of an overdraft again don’t really know anything about that.

Similarly on September 2, 2014 and March of 2013 my chase slate credit card received similar overdraft charges. Again I know nothing about these.

However all of the accounts involved with and in these transaction will wind up being pursued by the United States Department of Justice to get those funds back for me and reduce such debts as I don’t intend on discharging anything.

But a big thank you to our US government for having such practices in place to help everyday people like me Not have to go belly up on a creditor.

I’ve also through notification of not being able to access other accounts ive been told that I have no fiscal obligations to and thus, applications for the trustee to litigate to get back all those funds will wind up happening as well.

In all I will say that very positive direction will take some weeks but optimistic perspective interning about but initially looked as a grave in very bad financial position I had been in, again quite to my surprise when I initially discovered the same almost a year ago.

No part of what I also discovered was that despite buying home and as most of you that own a home know, you have to have homeowners insurance for closing. Well somewhere between closing and having homeowners insurance and a policy declaration and a month later I seem to as a person have disappeared from declarations, yes surprisingly enough in incurring some legal expenses in ensuring hide in deciding to sue for what I deem should have never been an unnecessary expense that could have been avoided. I’m now being counter sued (and also in violation of a federal court stay) on the grounds of harassment because I caught 2 liars and crooks with their pants down at their ankles.

The same two individuals are both subject of a New York State Department of Financial Services, New York State Attorney General, and FEMA fraud investigation for complaints ive filed resulting from the same disingenuous acts. It’s mind boggling to me how those of us live by the law and abide by the law yet other people believe that they are above the law. I should also mention that these same individuals or at least one of them I have physical documents that prove that they committed mortgage fraud in 2003 spanning into 2006 (all a matter of public record if you look it up and put two and two together), yet how again lies to continue to cover up more lies.


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