audit reveals…one certainly don’t detest homosexuals enough to live off them


I took time out to actually dive into one of the two joint checking accounts to find out more and real eye opening discoveries:

I for sure was married to a white collar criminal and con-man and mother-in-law. Just as most suspected the two go hand-in-hand#)!

When ordering checks drawn on the account, a series of checks were in fact all used during the summer 2013 time frame for the cleaning woman and gardener at my mother in laws!!! Some of the checks even are signed but obvious forgeries and add up to nearly $10,000.

Mapping out deposit slips, it became obvious while my estranged spouse made deposits, he withdrew cash from the ATM and teller for as much as he deposited. That now explains all the deposits in that mysterious Bank of America account discovered this summer and I would put my bottom dollar on the “bills he paid” and showcased on his statements were for my mother in laws living expenses.

Between October 2012 and August 2014, an estimated $49,000 cash was withheld from marital accounts, more than $142,000 paid to a Chase and Citibank credit card that I didn’t benefit from and that’s only the tip of the iceberg….

I have found over $5,000 in forged checks against the business checking account for Modern Divinities and numerous escrow checks reissued to Chase.

It’s ironic, while a woman proclaims to be “holier than thow” and lives life on the bible belt making claims that homosexuals are detested by g-d, which is what her gripe is, it’s obviously not a big enough gripe to live off and steal from a homosexual; for that a homosexual us useful?!?!

Holding ones head high must be exhaustive when the only thing you can do is to keep straight upright and not move as to avoid all that hot air escaping out of your ass!!

Forensic Accounting Audit

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