2004 APPLICATION – As the Tables Turn

As I’ve continued to endure months of abuse continuing to be victimized via lies, corruption, dirty attorneys, bible belt bullshit by those less than honest about a good majority of their lives which they hide behind in pages of a book they refer to as a bible, ENTER UNCLE SAM and the US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE and Federal Government.

This past week Federal Subponeas were served and sent out.  Ironically enough one important individual and the key target of the federal courts direction of what is called a 2004 Bankruptcy Application refussed acceptance of service of their federal subponea.  This examination is essentially a federal deposing by an interested party of another to the extent it has relevancy on current state of debtors financial affairs, discharigng of debts, inability to pay et al) to which is granted with a simple court motion.

Such is simply not avoidable and if we take a look back at economic criminal cases, lets point the direction oto one recent one in the news of our favorite house wife…

An audit i’ve requested and stood my ground on, and audit i’ve seen and gotten and all points to over $215k stolen, converted and withheld and 7yrs of being fed bullshit all along what i believe was nothing more than almost 7yrs of deception and bullshit but a bible belt lunatic and her spinloess offspring who has no balls to shit without this anti-semtic homophobic nut job.

Compromise and flexibility – my ability for such….. GONE

Having a heart and open minded to exploring options – DONE after the behavior and bullshit

Heating up the hot seat with over 8lbs of paper for examination into fraud, grand larceny, forgery, check and bank fraud, mortgage fraud etc  let all who wind up sitting burn their  asses all the way to HE##! or the slammer which ever comes first

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