Conversion, BANK/Check Mortgage/Insurance FraudS, Living Trusts -Whistle blowing, enter – Federal Investigation\

It seems as if someone finally woke up a little too late in that you can’t avoid a federal subpoena and having already been ordered.  All is discovered including the hate mongering mother in law let all her bills get paid for talking away money into a living trust and stealing and converting funds from a homosexual, one that she claimed g-d detests.


I spent an interesting number of weeks engaged with what’s called whistle-blowers, these are all retired IRS, secret service agents, detectives and other law enforcement who has been going through hours and pounds of documents investigating and doing something called following the money.

May everyone as I said from the get go involved burn on a hot seat and your future is stripes behind bars with true criminals belong, come all too soon.

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