Home is where the heart is; or is it not?

Of the months of back and forth investigating and collection of documents to piece together puzzles, I’ve discovered that a month after closing on my home I was removed from homeowners insurance policies, he physical mortgage on at home I am listed as a non borrower as the loan was rerun the day of closing using ironically my Bklyn co op address by a single applicant who’s never lived or resided there.

Further at least a month later together with an insurance agent in Cold Spring Harbor, of course who is friends with good old mommy dearest, submitted to FEMA for National Flood Insurance, a federally funded insurance program only listing one single property owner and that was no where listing myself.

Having filed complaints with the New York State Department of Finance, FEMA’s fraud investigation unit, the New York State Attorney General, in violation of the Supreme Court automatic order I apparently was added to insurance policies December 31st 2014 the very day I demanded file replicas of the insurance agency entire underwriting file. Despite the fact that I refused to provide consent for this agent to service the account I’m told I can’t change agents without the joint owner who is refusing more than likely because any other agent will have access to more than likely paperwork that would throw the two of them behind bars for fraud.

So as it stands property that I co-own is held hostage by Bell & Associates in Cold Spring Harbor whereas Ken Bell together in my opinion has committed insurance fraud.

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