Victimized within my own home… as reported SCPD Complaint #: 14-696985

So going back in time a few months to Thanksgiving weekend.  I decided to spend this Thanksgiving with my aunt in Florida to try to escape the madness of my reality at home, having been deceived and betrayed with inhumanely unconscionable acts, only to arrive in Florida and the same evening receiving a telephone call from the alarm company’s central station that the alarm in the house had gone off.   Of course Police went to the seen and no sign of forced entry nothing.  None the less, i decided to fly home immediately (to which I did) and came home to find the attached having transpired.  Now although one who assume such is criminal and the individual guilty of doing this, should be arrested and charged, its a funny thing if one co-owns wires they apparently can do what ever they want….

such has been reported to Suffolk County Police, reported to certain legal entities and yet….  the saga remains?!?

the irony!!




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