Fight2Live’s Fighting Frauds & Finding Fairness Foretelling the Facts Funding Campaign

This is an effort, im hopinng you’ll join me, take part in, and support, i believe is appropriately termed by “6” F’s… Fight2Live’s Fund Fighting Frauds & Finding Fairness Foretelling the Facts….

Commencing from today forward, May 15, 2016 forward, in the effort to raise funds for the effort to secure counsel and put such individuals behind bars and for the betterment of our own society, in turn, hoping to prevent these individuals from ever having the ability to victimize and abuse someone else as my contribution and thank you for your support and efforts of Fight2Live and Live2Fight’s “Fund Fighting Frauds & Finding Fairness Foretelling teh Facts”,  on the private website and group for “Fight2Live and Live2Fight” every five days hereon and after, and for every time we surpass a financial milestone target in criments of $500,  a new fact and detail together wtih documentary evidence will be shared on and with those supporters of our private group Fight2Live and Live2Fight on the group’s

In the event, should there come a request that such fact be considered for removal, such typically requires the time, effort and support easily covered by a $2,500 donation by the requesting party.

Please allow my to in advance thank all of your for the showcase and support in even the mere time you’ve spent to read through the brief synopsis herein as one can certainly make a difference, but together many change the world, therefore your support can and does come in many different forms, whether sharing the story, reposting the campaign on your social media channels, signing up and/or sharing the blog with others, or even funding this effort toward retainers for legal expenses to fight such fraud and corruption or donating of your time toward the effort in some way is a part of the greater total in doing some good toward a whole lotta bad by very individuals that one never would think live, work and exist right next to us.

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