FORETELLING FACT #2 – Conspiracy to Commit Bankruptcy Fraud and Dodge Discovery

In keeping up with the premise of this fundraising campaign, having surpassed a $500 / 5 day mark – two Foretelling Facts for Funding campaign.  This Foretelling Fact is focused around the disingenuous acts of dishonest attorneys that shame their own profession by cross lines of immoral and ILLEGAL misconduct… “to win”.

What I’ve learned from this experience is the following…  shame on the system and even greater shame on the dishonest lawyers and judges that are void any of the principles for which our country was formed.  What happens in side and behind the scenes in what is our system by which I was always brought up “you tell the truth, otherwise there are severe consequences” and “the truth always comes out”.   What I have found in fact is apparently our system has nothing to do with “the truth”, it definitely as termed an “adversarial system” is more formed and operated around who can play chess better and who’s  political interests one represents.   Now that’s not to say that I haven’t had a positive experience with a handful of individuals that “are honest and worthy”, but the majority, the ones that have in fact taken and stolen my life, fraudulently using my identity and committed fraud upon our our system they in fact swear an oath to uphold and protect.

At the end of January 2014, i connected with the Nassau County Law Firm of Raiser & Kneiff in Mineola who impressed upon me, what i needed was in fact “Crime Victim Advocates” that would take the file cabinets full of evidence, and create a brief to compel the DA into investigating.  Well, a $10,000 retainer later, I suppose the fact that I believed them in hind sight makes me a complete idiot; but in a time where i could not (and still can’t) reconcile how someone I loved could engage and commit such dishonest and morally unethical acts, and so to that extent, anyone that had a way to assist me and offered it, I suppose I took it.

On March 5, 2015 I was introduced via email to an attorney by the name of Lawrence Morrison of a NYC firm called Morrison & Tennenbaum, PLLC. Who after several days of Morrison’s proactive follow up and outreach, (solicitation) Morrison impressed upon me the importance and urgency of enlisitng the assistance of the Federal Bankruptcy Courts to “follow the money, litigate and take back funds”, monies I aledge have been fraudulently transferred, converted, syponed, invested and enjoined into a trust.  Thus his solution was that i must make a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition at once and would also afford me the protection of my home.    Thereafter on March 13, 2015, I received an email from Morrison “urgent we reach you, we are filing tonight”, out of the blue.   Now mind you, I had yet to sign and retain this attorney and yet to provide payment of any sort to enlist his services.

Matter of fact, the same is clearly illustrated in the following


Therefore with a declined credit card for filing fee, how is it exactly then that I “filed” a petition on 3/13/15??

Ironically it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that in reviewing documents again that i in fact realized not only did Morrison “fraudulently use my identity w/o being of legal right” or representation, but in fact, Morrison did nothing but lie and mislead me, feeding me stories and manipulating facts while as I’m convinced now sharing and feeding back information for the very purpose of extorting all of my rights and assets including my home. Apparently upon Morrison’s filing of a Chapter 11 petition in the name of Brian Denker paid for on March 13, 2015 by someone “other than Brian Denker” a “Notice of Deficient Filing” was reverted in response, and thereafter on March 19, March 27 Morrison continued to file what ever he deemed he’d file and thereafter terminated everything on March 30, 2015. The docket itself laid stagnant until I began suspecting something had not felt right and demanded a face to face meeting with Morrison which we did on October 2, 2015. Unbeknownst to me until later on after the meeting on October 2, 2015 did I discover that the petition was converted to a Chapter 7. And the blank and empty docket captured on October 4, 2015 is illustrative of the same

As a result of the conversion, a Trustee had been assigned as “Trustee” to my estate. the Hon Richard J McCord, Town Justice of Glen Cove NY, and (undisclosed  Vice Chairman of the “Young Christian Men’s Association of Long Island” according to the organizations 990 filing.   More to come on Trustee McCcord in a future Foretelling Fact.

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