FORETELLING FACT #3 -Trustworthy Trustee, is He?

In this third foretelling fact, we continue to build upon the premise and foundation that what has been referred to and termed “my reality” these past eighteen months has evolved to a place where i believe this to have been a) a targeted scam, eight years in the making and gives rise to what is defined as being victim to some sort of mortgage/insurance/foreclosure/bankruptcy racketeering scam.
Last foretelling fact concluded with the questionable filing of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition and sudden conversion to a Chapter 7 liquidation  and the appointment of the Hon Richard J McCord, Town Justice of Glen Cove NY, and (undisclosed Vice Chairman of the “Young Christian Men’s Association of Long Island”) as “Trustee” to my estate.

Upon discovering the conversion, i immediately filed for a stay, an order to vacayte the conversion, an order to dismiss, etc. all of which ive been denied, to the extent upon filing of an Order to Show Cause that is filed to a system called PACER as docs 195 and 196, displaying such details of dishonesty with exhibits and filings with double docket stampings and repurposed pages, etc. i was “enjoined and restrained” from filing anything without seeking permission from the court (or muzzled as i like to call it).

On November 19, 2015 i submitted the following brief with respect to details of my state of economic affairs which for those intimately acquainted with matters, the same contained within this affidavit has been my position consistent throughout yet, to date, there has been no disclosure or discovery put forward by those i make such allegations against, just a whole pat of lies, avoidances and illegal acts by their attorneys including falsyfing of public records. To the extent one goes to such great lengths “to cover up matters”, the overall impression is certainly these are very dishonest people who in fact have a lot to hide.  The mere fact that they walk into a church once a week does that really absolve them of such sin?  But lets face facts… Take a moment and think back to Jim and Tammyfae Baker… !!!!

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In response, the “Trustee” who also happens to be an elected public offical and state officer as the Village Justice of Glen Cove, NY, Richard McCord has in fact put forth that he has received requested documentation and in fact conducted depositions of the two accussed.  Despite a motion to compel such disclosure and in fact being granted the issuance of judicial subpeonas of such examinations, Richard J McCord responded to the granting judge with the following letter

A few immediately noticable things to point out here 1) Smoke screening that Index No.: 511259-2015 has a second defendant, but no reference of it in McCord’s Caption 2) in a bankruptcy case since this is seeking a financial award, McCord should be an “interested” party proactively to assist this case not adversely work against it c) such request by subpeona for the deposition transcripts for the defendants in a case alleging willful acts of fraud and grand larceny, extortion, etc. is in no way a violation of the automatic stay 11 USC 362; as they are a matter of my estate and im requesting it; the presiding Justice has already ordered that i be entitled to any documentation the trustee was given; yet my requests fall on deaf ears; As a State Judicial Officer,McCord would already have been deemed disqualified and if acting under color of law would be considered an act of treason against the constitution.

The irony in all of this, reverting back to Foretelling fact #1 – the mysterious dilema of Chase Mortgage Banking deeming me a third party to the mortgage on my home, on Jan 8, 2016, Richard J McCord commenced an advesarial proceeding against me among such allegations of bankruptcy fraud citing such “March 13” filings, the filing that were filed in the name Brian Denker and paid for by someone other than “Brian Denker”, further alleging i inflated the value of assets to secure a mortgage….

News flash Mr Trustee, if in fact for arguments sake such allegation would in fact be true then please tell us:

  1. Why does the mortgage lender consider Brian Denker a third party to the alleged mortgage you speak of?
  2. Why has Brian Denker been denied subpeonas for these Chase records by the very same bankruptcy court (a constitutional right of an accused)?  Especially since Brian Denker is refused access to this mortgage account by the mortgage lender with documented blame to a written request received June 8, 2015 by guess who, in violation of NY Supreme Court automatic orders, the very same orders a certain someone’s shoty attorney Simonetti filed.
  3. Have you listened to the very recording and read the transcript of the recording you’ve been previously sent but for convience heres a link to foretelling fact #1 which you in fact have shared with counsel to my advesary spouse?
  4. There are or should be two names on the mortgage, as there are two incomes and the total of all encompassed assets that by bankruptcy code are to be considered in a debt/asset abalysis and consideration of what defines a bankruptcy estate, yet you accuse but one, the non-messianic believeing Jew or as so termed by a certain someones anti-rhetoric “the Israelite”.
  5. Have you open your own mail with service of such requests to the court of Feb 23 seeking an evidentiary hearing which in fact is a restricted PACER filing doc 217? Sent way before the court’s March 23, 2016 order stating “nonissue exists at the present time”
  6. Have you seen this April 7, 2016 NYPD Police Report and are you aware internal affairs and Chief of Detectives for NYPD are involved?

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Now considering the foregoing adding to it what you already have been told and given in a 300+ page brief AND being informed of the above referenced arrest, how is it that there still remains NO disclosure, NO discovery and now multiple bankruptcy filings on multiple dates, in multiple chapters again, all tied to an apparent bankruptcy petition in the name Brian Denker but certainly paid for by someone “other than” Brian Denker?

Thus Foretelling Fact #3 – the question answered “Can we Trust the Trustee”


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