In this fourth foretelling fact, we continue to build upon the premise and foundation that what has been referred to and termed “my reality” these past eighteen months has evolved to a place where i believe this to have been a) a targeted scam, eight years in the making and gives rise to what is defined as being victim to some sort of mortgage/insurance/foreclosure/bankruptcy racketeering scam.

After unlawfully being directed to vacate my home on December 11, 2014 after lies by a certain someone who we all know that is, appeared before a court making false representations with their attorney Simonetti & Associates, as to separate property claims in my home, where in fact that individual was in debt to the bank on his prior home for more than $292,000 having refinanced and mortgage the home to the hilt including a 2006 mortgage fraud submitting an application and securing financing for more than he even paid for the home. All part of public record, just check the public record for that address.

In order to accomplish this you need to have backing of some form.  I began to get nervous about the insurance on my own property and demanded a file replica from the insurance agent a guy by the name of Ken Bell who runs a Cold Spring Harbor insurance agency by the name of K Bell & Associates. Ironically Ken Bell happens to be a friend of guess who’s mother…

In response on December 30, 2014, i received the below emails from Mr Bell, making claims as if I was crazy, that he in fact sent copies months prior to me, when in fact as is displayed the scum ball and crooked insurance agent sent an email to the homeowner’s insurance carrier that day to “add spouse to the policy”.   Come to find out that my name was removed from policy declarations after closing as indicated below the 2012 and 2013 insurance declarations and in fact when so far as to lie to the New York State Department of Finance alleging he did not know that I was married to the other joint owner until 2013.

insurance fraud_Page_2insurance fraud_Page_3

insurance fraud_Page_4insurance fraud_Page_5insurance fraud_Page_6

Obviously though by dirt bag insurance agent standards, he obviously doesn’t know the truth if it smacked him in the face, since three months earlier he issued policies on a property with a known address of 5 Aquaview Court, Huntington, NY  – a prior attempted purchase that fell through (which I am now convinced was an intentional plot orchestrated as part of this racketeering scam).  As illustrated, he certainly knew we were married then when we wrote the policies.  Now this is all important for the next foretelling fact #5 where we will talk about extortion and the actual mortgage that is subject of an earlier Foretelling Fact.  Stay tuned….

insurance fraud_Page_1

insurance fraud_Page_7insurance fraud_Page_8insurance fraud_Page_9




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