In our fifth foretelling fact, we continue to build upon the premise and foundation that what has been referred to and termed “my reality” these past eighteen months has evolved to a place where i believe this to have been a) a targeted scam, eight years in the making and gives rise to what is defined as being victim to some sort of mortgage/insurance/foreclosure/bankruptcy racketeering scam.

Fact #5 – is a display of various “Fraud upon the court” and “by the court” itself, as is illustrated, orchestrated within our State Judicial System, the State Supreme Court, Kings County for which

  1. benefit the defendants
  2. have to be orchestrated and committed by employees of the court (specifically those from the Ex Parte Office)
  3. Officers of the Court (i.e. attorneys) who are in violation of New York State Rules of Professional Conduct and enabling and assisting such fraud against the same institution they are bound to uphold the integrity of.

Such acts not only are a violation of constitutional rights and civil liberties but in fact are crimes as was reported to the NYPD on May 20, 2016 and awaiting intervention and investigation by the United States Department of Justice.  In the interim in commencing action by an Article 78 proceeding, the second of Judges in this case recused himself after making determinations that only stall and aide defendants from having to turn over any documentation to support or refute allegations. Adding, defendants haven’t turned over one document ever since this all began.  True and accurate documentation would only support such allegations of criminal acts and felonies being committed.


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