Foretelling Fact #6: Racketeering, Racketeering, Racketeering and Court Corruption…

For the better part of what is coming upon almost two years, i’ve been steadfast in a pursuit of what our society teaches us is built upon the foundation of “truth” and “justice”; such rhetoric i’m finding is as far fetched from the realities of what our court system is built upon.

This past week a very alarming discovery about our system had come to light… Fraud upon the Court as well, in what one calls the “Appellate Court”, who define themselves as follows:

 Appellate Terms hear and determine motions, orders to show cause, and applications interposed pursuant to CPLR 5704 (b), most of which are emergency in nature and require immediate disposition. While serving the 10 counties comprising the Second Judicial Department, which covers urban, suburban and rural environments, the courts serve a diverse population of more than 10 million people (more than half of the population of the state) and are presented with a wide spectrum of legal issues.

Upon the submission of an application in relation to an Article 78 Special Proceeding Commenced against the Supreme Court for the State of New York, County of Suffolk, presiding Justice Reilly, (in his capacity as Justice of the Supreme Court for the State of New York) in relation to what is termed “a matrimonial matter”… not even divorce, I began to start asking many more questions having come to learn some in’s and outs of the legal process.

Specifically in looking at the proceeding forward in the appellate court only to discover upon receiving their “version of their court record” (not even real and in fact are falsified, was handed the following… screen shots of what exactly I HAVE NO CLUE… like would someone care to explain what an appeal of “marital status is”?  Especially since there hasn’t been a divorce to my knowledge cause there’s been no trial and ESPECIALLY BECAUSE guess who hasn’t bothered to turn over even one document to defendant any allegations.


AppellateDivision_Record 009
And this one i absolutely don’t understand since there was absolutely no Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress allegations made in Suffolk County since not one allegation of fraud or criminal acts of grand larceny, conversion, and abuse have been addressed, hence a Kings County Action for the Annulment and such Abuse were filed in the following two complaints and not one allegation has even been responded to or answered in nearly a year for either the Action to Annul the Marriage or for Intentional Infliction of Emotion Distress and Fraud
AppellateDivision_Record 011
This one i entirely don’t get BUT THAT PROBABLY WHY IT’S CONFIDENTIAL…. like what kind of civil action for domestic relations marital status … like whats that??? Any matter of fact a Dec 22, 2015 “piece of paper” absent any directive contained direction that the Judge wanted to Suffolk County Clerk to reject my 130 page Order to Show Cause containing an affidavit and at least 10 exhibit  seeking the Judge’s recusal – here’s that submission inclusive of photographs with the presiding justice and a certain individual that was in attendance at the wedding and colleague of you know who as well as an apparently political neighbor/fellow republican northport friend and resident of his aunt and uncle.


AppellateDivision_Record 013
This is ironic because the letter i received from the Appellate court did not state anywhere about the declaratory judgement

AppellateDivision_Record 003

Very confusing as the April 4, 2016 filing was an Article 78 Petition that was filed by Order to Show Cause. the Judge declined to sign, so on May 5, 2016, i proceeded with the same petition but by Notice of Petition. The relief i requested was an immediate dismissal for allegations of fraud upon the court and violations by judicial officers and court officers..

Matter of fact and the main focus and fueling of this days Fact Finder the denial of the clerk of the appellate court declining (i.e. to issue subpeonas including that of the appellate court’s own official record… ).  this most probably tied back to such allegations that in fact there is no accurate record to because a fraud has been brought upon the court and if evidenced points to a very likely probable cause of criminal acts / felony acts = racketeering by very public officials.

Like would someone have a logical reason that a clerk of the court should decline to sign something that is a person’s lawful right; except to exhibit bias or cover ones hind side…


Stay tuned for the great reveal and shakedown Fact Finder… as we move into the realm with evidence of smoke screened public corruption along with federal conspiracy to commit bankruptcy fraud…



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