Something tells me we are not in Kansas anymore… Proof is in the pudding

Every day that’s a big part of me that looking to find that one reason to have an ah huh! Moment and actually be wrong.  Ive spent nearly a better part of 20 months fighting something that I could never have imagined is what this is. 

I’m so busy fighting to protect myself and the truth that I haven’t had time to grieve until  comes a mindfuck on some days where I  have a momentary reconciliation that this is being caused and done by someone I forgot to stop loving. And in 20months that person has not said one word to me or acknowledge i even exist.  

It’s become a double edged sword where both become an unconceivable pain. To talk to some about it I sound like I’ve lost my marbles and many think that I have had a Netvous breakdown, then I have a break up all day like Sunday with Inspector Generals & federal attorneys validate for me that I’m not crazy.
Yesterday things like discovering this we are the same eight number is now attached to sign to three individuals in three different states there is something very not right about that even in the mere fact that the BK in the file means Brooklyn.

Interestingly enough I went back and I discovered a major major breakthrough so gentle Chapter 11 think of that has been discussed with me would file on March 13, 2015 before I even had retain him as counselor or paid him money, at 10:27pm on a Friday night on the cost of a trial to begin Monday on exclusive use and occupancy on the home in Huntington, Lawrence Morrison filea a Chapter 11 petition in the name Brian Denker (i have not been known as Brian Denker since July 30,2011).

Ironically they notice of deficient filing  followed that notice the centered on March 17 but it was actually filed on March 13 at 9:20an in the morning some 13 hours before the petition was even filed, yet with a date 4 days into the future.

As you can see only one thing with so side the entire time between March 13 20 15th and October 1 when the case then we converted to check the seven without my knowledge or authority to me the minute i began to ask questions that things did not make sense Including Full of what I just discovered in putting a lot of them together and going back through file as has now been informed and alerted to the court

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