American Bar Association Rule 8.4 – Attorney Misconduct

American Bar Association Rule 8.4 states 

It is professional misconduc for a lawyer to:

(c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;

This is a bill contained as an exhibit submitted by #Woodbury NY #Long #Island Divorce attorney #Lou #Simonetti in a sworn affirmation before Kings County Supreme Court Justice Carl Landicino. 

Taking note of entry Aug 5 for $210.00

It’s a bit impossible for this to even be a true and accurate invoice given that I did not interview with #LongIslandBackStory and #GaryJacobs until August 27, 2015, some 12 days later and thereafter air on public television In October.  

A thank you again to Garry Jacobs and LongIsland Backstory for initially covering my story and doing that interview; I certainly look forward to returning back to give the extended update and exposing all these corrupt criminals that doing anything but upholding the integrity of our justice system. 
For those of you that missed the interview here is the link and for those of you that have seen it feel l, free to watch again and post it up to your own social media channels 

What is even further notice is a couple lines thereafter regarding securing representation “….during Brian’s bankruptcy” here’s a very good question given that the “alleged  bankruptcy” was filed in March 2015 five months earlier,  positioning the bankruptcy as something yet to happen… Seems odd wouldnt one say, unless you were scheming and scamming defrauding also the United States Department of Justice in an attempt to conspire for which I now alledge having discovered fraudulent filings (see previous blog) another allegation against you know who , who together with the following individuals  have conspired to commit federal bankruptcy fraud in my name

Louis Simonetti

Lawrence Morrison

Trustee and Glen Cove Village Justice AND Vice Chair of the Young Christian Men’s Association of Long Island – the Honorable (by title) Richard J McCord

my own attorney…  Anthony A Capetola 

Further is supported given the fact that it appears that I have no credit history as previously reported, except for one outstanding debt in question and alleged as having been a fraud and theft by you know who for nearly $123,737 yet today i receive this letter from The Honorable Richard J McCord (a state judicial officer) re: a 341a meeting of creditors. Now I believe where a bit reversed be close to 341 needs to take place in someone needs to affirm schedules before a debt may discharge

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