Reflections as we enter Pride weekend…

As we head into Pride weekend, like just about every person that I know amount the LGBT community, we all have the course of events in Orlando close in heart and in our thoughts about the world in which we live and exist.

For me personally, it hits home twice as hard as much of what these past months have been, are largely in part I believe or appears to be, because I’m gay. Pretty much straight on down the line of individuals responsible, but also at the center of driving what is a very corruption group of influential people in high power positions, are individuals that are all tied to a radical “born-again” Christian perspective.

We live in a world that has come a long way toward accepting each other’s differences, but we’ve still got quite the way to go in learning to also love each other for those differences and not hurt each other.  I know for me, in the wake of  pain and hurt I suffer caused and brought onto me by others, there’s a hurt and pain in sadness for loss that exists and for me that sense of loss teaches and reinforces as a reminder for me to never stop accepting others for their differences, rather love, learn and live embracing them all the same.

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