Racketeering-Mortgage Fraud-Money Laundering…oh my!

 I’m still trying to get working computers and even my smart phones up and running including the fact that all my mail apparently gets routed into a relay so someone’s been and still is hacking all of that here’s some interesting evidence that have yet to be action do are really chilly get across to authorities but can only reinfocre really one thing….  Corruption and dirty public officials and involvement.

 Hence from my included notice of intent to sue the state since unfortunately that’s the only request that you have launch suit against the state for disingenuous some people opposed to holding those individuals accountable for their actions. And so it’s with sadness that I actually have to sue the state of New York for a handful of people that are criminals
Take note what this shows – 3 people all with the EXACT case numbers across 3 different states in what is a federal court??? And exactly how many petitions does any attorney file in one case, in one person’s name?? Take note of the March 13 and March 19 stamps respectively 

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