Falsifying of Court Records – Kings County Supreme

A picture is worth a thousand words amd these surely speak volumes. What are screenshots from the unified court system for the state of New York and in a tort action for intentional infliction of severe emotional distress and FRAUD against the named defendants in a tort valued at an estinated $492,000 in total. Whereas thr second defendant did not bother to answer or appear until a request for a judgment in default was filed with the Kings County clerks office only to be sent back and suddenly a notice of appearance entry wrongfully labeled “pre-rji” to pop up courtest of court clerks Joseph Leddo and Janel Winfree under supervision of Roderick Randallls.
You’ll take note that in the captions it only appears to seem as if there’s two parties to this action.  Also take note with the same appearance screen does on the same exact day magically on June 3, 2016 reverting from one that has a history from April 7 through March 27 and August 11 magically disappears into just August 11 with the motion sequence 001 and 002 with absolutely NO matching file dates because this fall dates initially being March 22 and March 31 magically disappear and now you can’t tell me that that’s l even legal in the state or country for that matter or not trying to hide something very wrong l

Such as felony acts of mortgage fraud, insurance frauds, banking and check frauds and acts of grand larceny and identity fraud that these two individuals apparently have a history of doing when not hiding behind a Sunday morning jolt to church. 

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