Identity Fraud of a Federal Kind

In the continuing saga of having my identity and name popping up all over the place in what is nothing short of a conspiracy and coverup by disingenerous public officials concealing such acts as mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, banking and check frauds now comes in a parent filing in federal court claiming in appeal on the bankruptcy which US really did not file an appeal on a discharge but on a hearing on the authorization to be disingenuous attorney by the name of Lawrence Morrison a conjecture and scam set up by someone I used to call my husband, the same individual that in fact was arrested on May 6, 2015 for acts of identity theft, petty larceny, criminal contempt, unlawful possession of stolen property and for whose case apparently was sealed after three criminal court appearances is now over to the internal affairs Bureau for the NYPD after reviews have been taken by special investigators to the office of the inspector general for the NYPD. 

Yet now it appears that I have now apparently filed according to this notice an appeal on a discharged bankruptcy that I have yet to even affirm schedules for with outward statements (and you need to actually listen to the audio of the court proceedings not the doctored up transcripts which are bot true and accurate).

What makes this all the more interesting is this was probably something for arguments sake that I actually file why would I not have it sent to myself as depicted below and matter of fact what i make reference to on March 25, 2015 is a filing of a violation of my civil rights

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