It Must Be Exhausting….

It must be exhausting I imagine to go through life putting on a front, being one person part of the day and then being another the rest, and the truth being you’re nowhere close to being the persom people think you are.

It must be exhausting putting up a front to impressionable young minds who look up to somebody they believe is awesome, when the truth is that person doesn’t really exist.

I know for me in discovering on paper that apparently person on paper doesn’t really exist, is beyond exhausting, it’s a mind fuck all together by itself.

Secret discovered are all the pieces to the puzzle at this point and all the documentation lines I believe support what has already now been filed with the New York State Attorney General’s office in my intent to file a claim against the State of New York.

Apparently and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I’m now psychic but I suspect there to be some sort of foreclosure for coming buy certain mortgage lender by the name of Chase.

Picture it…. Spring 2012, married about 6 months, enthused and excited about a future, I’m talked into purchasing a new home with a pool. And so enthusiastically,  I withdrew the sum total of about $45,000 back in April of 2012 as a downpayment on a home purchase from my very own 401k and Off to the Races into a contract that longer interestingly enough being an entire real estate deboggle in itself, but nonetheless eventually fast forward to October 12th 2012 and there is now an exciting day of closing.

Not interesting enough since about May of last year I suddenly became a third party to my mortgage lender not having any access what’s the weather and as we’ve recapped pretty much in subsequent blog entries I’m disingenuously encouraged by an attorney that it’s important to enter a chapter 11 protection as a means to be afforded assistance by the federal government to “follow the money, litigate and get it back”… what “it” amounts to presently is  roughly about $500,000.

Now through the course of all this, im still considered 3rd party to mortgage lender Chase, and all of these claims including a certain someone’s claim for about $200,000, of what, only one could imagine because none of its real Anthony interested in a Volkswagen credit claim for about $28,000 where only Wednesday this week volkwagen credit confirmed they don’t know what I’m talking about, they’ve never filed any claims against me. But a certain someone from what little birdies tell me is driving around with a brand new VW convertible….!

Ironically enough that happens to be someone with a fabricated $200,000 claim against my estate and is apparently the only person that can access the mortgage account on my home which apparently that mortgage is in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy…

And even further come to find out there a home equity line of credit that currently was $125,000 it had a balance being due of $123,737. Now when you look at the account apparently they all go to a certain Chase credit card that neither I am an authorized user record holder of nor signed one of those checks by the thousands that were written. So much so that three times last year Equifax remove that same home equity line of credit from my credit report as an account takeover and fraud. Low and behold that home equity line of credit appears to be part of this fraudulently filed bankruptcy and guess who’s credit report this vertaim home equity line of credit never shows up on…. the same individual that actually is the account holder of thia Chase credit card account and the person who signed every single one of those checks to Chase and yes folks, that same individual that’s driving around with that brand new Volkswagen convertible and that same individual who in 2003 (with one of the 13 approximate  aliases) added a second alias to their mortgage for their previous property and then in 2006 took a mortgage loan for more than that house was even purchased for. 

Those documents are infact docketed with the Federal Bankruptcy Court and have been given to a certain bankruptxy trustee and their head turned and ignored.

Now see what’s interesting is in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy mortgage lender actually forecloses on your home once a trustee abandons it and that would mean with a discharge of a home equity line of credit the bank will take whatever is left on that house and so they may show it sell it which would mean that a certain someone gets to pick up that house back at $340,000, gets a new deed and title to that house sold for himself and he doesn’t have to deal with anybody else doesn’t have to do any kind of accounting or being answerable for the hundreds of thousands of dollars of theft and acts of grand larceny and forgery, banking and check fraud that they’ve engaged in stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in between their week-to-week jokes insight to a church to be asked for forgiveness for their sin.

Now here’s the thing it is illegal to obviously discharge alone search this Mortgage in bankruptcy that’s not yours or to benefit from a Homestead exemption that one would not be entitled to if one doesn’t own a home so as it appears I’m being set up to get “f-cked”…

And even a greater irony is the fact that certain law enforcement don’t even want the paperwork or documentation ..but stay tuned… some else did! 

Now, one might ask how would I maybe did not see this anywhere happening, we’ll our header for this blog entry says it all I think very much to my doctor who saved that for me that I got to see on my visit this week.

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