It appears “Rabbi Brian has had a personal medical emergency”

So interestingly enough it appears that individuals have been receiving medical emergency emails responses from me since Friday which has in fact traced to certain scripting being run across my iPhone given a certain someone’s attachment sent in an email on Friday…. Mr Coronel… 

I suspect Mr Coronel you’ll also be able to answer how an ER discharge center:

a) lists medications that in fact I haven’t taken or been prescribed in more than twelve months

b) how an ER analyzes toilet water and gets the results they have from water out of a toilet bowl 

Nice try, expect visits from law enforcement.

For the publics knowledge, on Sunday I began having chest pain and was in the lobby of my apartment building on my way to meeting my sister for dinner. I dialed the private Hatzolah ambulance and apparently an unsolicited NYC EMS response arrived looking specifically for me.  Upon being taken into the back of the ambulance I was (without even being checked) given an injection of something in my left shoulder. And the next thing I knew, I woke up in the emergency room at NYU Medical center being asked to signed papers that I refused to sign and further thereafter handed a urinal to go provide a urine specimen. 

I wasn’t born yesterday, so I gave the hospital back the speciman filled with “toilet water” and interestingly enough was handed upon discharge, papers indicating medications as:

Ambien and Dilaudid (two medications I haven’t filled a script or taken in more than a year) 

And such urine analysis being returned and testing positive for  narcodicts (among other)

NYC ALL HANDS WARNING ….  Based upon NYU Langone Medical Center’s lab results, , be ware, there’s narcodicts in our NYC water system !!!!!

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