The court, the clerk, the scum bag lawyer, or them all?

So ironically in retrieving the following documents directly from the court today one new note how these orders are entered when in fact the list order entered was issued in March on March 13, 2016 but in essence effectively stays the case when there’s a pending motion on allegations of racketeering the falsification of court records, mortgage and insurance fraud, extortion, grand larceny et al which is open and not stayed but apparently the falsifying of such court record as reported to NYPD as has been occurring in the Supreme Court of the State of New York has stayed defendants response to such ordered allegations that a #Oysterbay #EastNorwich #middleschool #teacher has been involved in such #whitecollar crimes facilitated by and through the coverup of his attorney #simonetti & associates committing such #crimes also interesting is the case is classified as uncontested this I suppose means defendant doesn’t contest each and every allegation made therein to the complaint filed with the summons of the within action….  

Apparently there are also several filing and orders here that guess what…. ARE NEWS TO ME…!!!

Stay tuned and eyes pealed… Guess the topic of our next blog post!

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