Conspiracy, Fraud, Grand Larceny and “mommy-dearest…”, Oh my !! 

 With calendared court appearances for today as displayed, having properly noticed our adversaries and showed up with an Order to Show cause similar to all others as displayed in the accompanying PDF And the exhibits attached thereto, Also take notice of the captioning in one system vs captioning of the other system and the missing name of non-other than “mommy dearest”

order to show cause and approximately 45mins into the arrival one of the “non-party defendants walked into the experts office” and here we have him walking out.  We have yet to be told anything but in fact it is now 1pm and the staff has gone to lunch.​  

Only to finally at 3pm come down refusing acceptance of the attached claiming bankruptcy as the excuse and requiring the same bankruptcy trustee’s involvement that authored a letter to the former presiding justice the Hon Richard Velasquez alleging a violation of 11 USC 362 in issuing subpoenas of the alleged depositions and financial disclosure claimed to be provided by Matje G Youngs.  I would think it should be the other way around, in fact should the trustee Richard J McCord should be promoting and

cooperating with the justice in order to recoup money for my estate especially among allegation that Matje wrote and forged over $10,000 in​ checks She did not have my knowledge or consent to write that went to pay her bills with funds largely from my income.

This is what gets handed back to me today by the clerk of the court 
Seen leaving the exparte office is Roderick Randall video above around 12:45pm and standing outside smoking a cigarette we have  another non-party defendant accused of falsifying court records Mr Joseph Leeds as reported to NYPD on May 20, 2015 at the 84th Prct.​​
​Someone simply ain’t telling the truth clearly and all while yours truly is being defrauded 

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