All Eyes Toward NY AG’s Office

A break through update and discovery toward the “missing link” as others would say likely the one that “dropped the ball” in what was a June directive (or as I’d like to bold to term an executive order) issued by the Executive Chambers for the Honorable Governor Andrew Cuomo to the New York State Office of the Attorney General to launch an investigation into such allegations put forward by yours truly in a detailed complaint filed with their office involving more than 23 named public officials and individuals and their unlawful acts contributing to :

  • mortgage, insurance and bankruptcy fraud; 
  • Docket tampering
  • Falsification of court records
  • Compromising of Public Integrity
  • Identity fraud
  • Constitutional and Civil Rights Violations 
  • Police misconduct 
  • Computer tampering 
  • Discrimination and bias driven hate crimes
  • Federal Racketeering 

As of today October 18, 2016 there has been no response or outreach from the AG’s office into investigating such allegations / complaint filed as directed by our Office of the Governor for the State of New York but as of this afternoon after re-connecting with the Executive Chambers for our Honorable Governor, Andrew Cuomo, I am now not the only person asking… WHY?!? thanks to our Governor and now the NYS Department of Financial Services Frauds Bureau

Stay tuned…. 

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