The Gall of Some

The Gall of some Apparently my former neighbors have finally found a buyer for their home but there are issues having to do something with property lines and something my neighbors are needing I guess a variance or something that requires my signing as well. 
Now I like my neighbors (though haven’t seen or heard from them in nearly two years), in the same vain I haven’t seen the inside or stepped foot onto my own property in nearly two years because a corrupt Judge and lying scum bag attorney conjecture up unlawfully to have me “outsted” from my own home… 
and the very real estate broker who submitted an inflated property appraisal to a crooked and dishonest trustee in an attempt to screw me even more financially has the gaul to reach out attempting to encourage the need for my signing something without an attorney of my own to look at it and yet makes it about my neighbors, but I’m sure NOTHING having to do with “her commission” that she stands to gain….

Hmmm… appears everyone else gains but yours truly…?!?!

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