As and for a 1st claim against the State of New York & the NYPD

In what continues to be more than a two year saga and emerging as a federal racketeering mortgage, foreclosure, bankruptcy fraud scam coupled with extortion and public corruption… more than 13 Police reports later the chief of departments for the NYPD has launched an investigation into a coverup / lack of Police response and the altering of police complaints. 

The below is just one example where not only has the Police report been apparently “closed out” without an investigation, suddenly there is an “unknown” wanted person with a false statement claiming I don’t know why the statement was made in the text.  

Funny, given if you read the text message, it’s quite clear the context and statements being made.

Also this is David Kniazuk…. (clearly we know the “wanted” suspect) 

the pitiful loud mouth who opened his trap and ratted out dear ‘ole mom, that he received “20%” an estimated $40,000 from my darling Bible Belt mother-in-law Matje G Youngs of the total money’s extorted/stollen/siphoned in what appeared to be continued historical and repeated illegal acts of mortgage and insurance frauds that these “good card carrying Christians” commit outside of their Sunday attendance in Church.United States Secret Service agents Wednesday confirmed to me this is clearly public corruption and extortion and a matter they insist is very much a case for the Federal Bureau of Investigation Public Corruption beureau. 

NYPD Internal affairs bureau already confirms the Chief of Departments has launched an investigation into the NYPD and such actions of Srgt Francis, Detective Ruth Paredes, Srgt Burke and Officer Gonzalez for misconduct and their involvement / failure to act with respect to this and nearly 13 NYPD complaints in total.

Now of course I’m sure we also all remember these similar tones and rhetorics of hate from the following “love notes” written by Matje G Youngs herself… clearly a sinful hate monger.

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