As and for a 2nd Cause for Action Against the State of New York & NYPD

On January 2, 2015, an ACH transaction for LIPA in the amount of $400 was fraudulently electronically debted from my account.  As such, this was reported in disputed immediately to Citibank AND Police as displayed…

Ironically the lying scheming attorney denied any knowledge of any such bank information or transaction as outlined in the letter below

But some weeks later Citibank responded to Police with the results of their investigation; ironically over these same weeks I began receiving notices on many and several accounts and transactions being conducted in my name and the same offender apparently.

And sadly after some months, an arrest was made in connection with these acts

Inspite of three (3) calendared court appearances and a bail revocation, the Kings County DA came back saying they “could not prove intent”, yet ironically this arrest is now apparently sealed and the following note of disposition has been submitted even to the Appellate Division Second Department as an exhibit by the very offender… 

only thing is…. I gotta ask – if such note of disposition is lawfully acquired – how come the incident date vs the date of offense on this vs the arrest record for Webcrims don’t match?!? 

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