As and for a 3rd cause of action against the State of New York, the NYPD and Federal Tort

On October 12, 2012… I purchased a house (so I thought) 

But then suddenly JP Morgan Chase & Co considers me a “third party” and refused to engage with me and I discover I’ve been removed even from the home owners policy

So we file a police report, yet it is immediately closed out, police received the names of the “wanted” individuals directly from Chase and I even submit to Bankruptcy Trustee RICHARD McCORD a taped telephone call with J P Morgan Chase & Co who implies I’m being defrauded.  Even NYPD Detectivies have the call recording, yet this complaint is still closed out and I am considered a third party somehow to this home????!

Yet a certain dishonest and disingenuous “trustee” / village Justice, Richard J McCORD furnishes documents insisting I own property but yet won’t address or respond to me then why JP Morgan Chase & Co. won’t engage with me (if that doesn’t incriminate him, what does?)

JP Morgan Chase & Co even confirm to the consumer financial protection bureau that they fear I have been the victim of fraud…?! 

Despite making lawful requests for subpoenas of records from the bank, I’m denied any such subpoena or records Whats so ever!
My title company however still insists I am an owner and mortgagee holder, yet one side isn’t hearing the other while in being defrauded!

What also appears to be a common thread to this particular individual in what is a history of mortgage fraud by this particular #OysterBay #East Norwich school teacher as is illustrated below

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