As and for a 4th cause for action against the State of New York,  NYPD and Federal Tort

Amidst the many and several on-going emerging mysterious accounts and transactions transacted in my name, my businesses names, hacking of my computer, cell phones and router hijacking, during the week of April 11, 2016 I discovered multiple bankruptcies reporting all over my credit report, in multiple chapters, on multiple dates and even claiming a joint account holder with “Edward J Denker” (for which there is no such person but that name unless you add that to the 13+ aliases of you know who)

Now naturally, I immediately took the credit report to the 90th police precinct to report it, but magically it appears the report of this complaint with a Sergeant Francis on duty Who is the one that was handed my credit report and showed what was wrong was placed onto an already “closed out” police report that was not even worded correctly nor ever investigated to begin with having to do with mortgage fraud.

Incorrect Wording 

Police Report Before

Now this just appears to be some form of ongoing ask for which purpose treat some type of mortgage fraud that apparently a certain individual has a history of committing which is easily decipherable looking at the public record for this individual’s prior property calling out and pointing your attention directly to the years of 2003 and 2006 of the public record for this property

Anyone wanna tell me who are these people and what kind of world we live in that such is happening around us… ???

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