I smell a rat or irony of a rat

This past weekend I asked the issuing Judge of the below Order to Show Cause to immediately act sua sponte and immediately refer the case to federal authorities in allegations of conspiracy to commit bankruptcy fraud, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, public corruption, extortion, etc given that the below Order was not responded to by either the defendant or his scum bag criminal dishonest attorney or his guilty mother.

Out of the blue I hear from a Manhattan DA wanting me to sign some affidavit pertaining to an alleged investigation of some third party they allege used my credit card this summer which I have no evidence of nor have I seen that anyone but my darling husbands possie being responsible for such illegal and fraudulent acts against me.  

Thus, after speaking, consulting and engaging with the United States Secret Service White Collar crimes division last week, I ain’t signing anything until the FBI and their public corruption division and secret service finish their investigations into more than 23 public officials and my darling husband and other respective family members have concluded by these law enforcement agencies….

I wasn’t born yesterday… our Bible Belt card carrying Christian friends ain’t off the hook so easily….

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